Top Home Design Trends in 2022

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If you are planning for a kitchen remodel or a complete home renovation for the new year, it is essential to look into various home remodeling ideas before making decisions. Find out which trends will work for your home, needs, and lifestyle; remember that comfort is always a top priority in home redecoration. Listed below are the home design trends to be eager for in 2022.

  1. Lots of Natural Light
    Letting in natural light not only brightens up any space but also saves electricity. A living area with multiple windows that stream in light and breeze opens up the space more for a relaxed vibe.
    Many homeowners also dream of bright kitchens that give off a fresh and calm feeling while cooking or doing the dishes. One way to achieve this without compromising storage is to install pantry walls, lower cabinets, and island bases with hidden storage. Skip the upper cabinets and empty walls, and opt for window banks instead for a bright kitchen space.
  2. Multiple Storages
    Crafting the perfect storage is essential to create a highly functional space. Minimalist designs, empty coffee tables, neat and clean drawers became trends in the previous years. These lead to smarter storage ideas that hide all the clutter in the house. In 2022, hidden shelves, built-in cabinets, drawer dividers, and pull-outs are very popular. You might want to study innovative storage practices if you plan to remodel your home this year.
  3. Curved Round Edges
    This trend started last year, but we will see this design more in 2022. If you plan to redecorate your home, you can begin by changing your regular rectangular mirrors to circular shapes for a welcoming feel. You can also consider adding in an arched kitchen or pantry door. According to Vogue Magazine, round pieces of furniture like accent chairs, curved couches, and circular tables give off a friendly vibe.
  4. Luxurious Shower Heads and Sprays
    Spa-like bathrooms and powder rooms are all the rage these days. Now that many of us are working from our office homes most of the time, a pampering weekend routine at home is a nice way to end a busy week. Hence, many homeowners add multiple shower heads and sprayers to their bathrooms. These home design trends are expected to surge this year.

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