Reduce Your Energy Costs
with Vinyl Replacement Windows

Looking to replace your old windows with energy-efficient vinyl windows? Hometown Restyling is a trusted local home remodeling company that provides expert window installation and replacement within a 75-mile radius of Cedar Rapids, IA and Iowa City, IA. 

For nearly 40 years, we’ve been helping homeowners across Eastern Iowa bring their visions of home to life. Whether we’re changing out an older bow or bay window or installing low-maintenance vinyl windows in your home, new windows can make a big impact—boosting your home’s value, reducing maintenance and noise, and lowering your overall energy costs. Unlike many of the national window companies, Hometown Restyling offers a lifetime workmanship warranty, backed by a local team of installers and local service department, to ensure you enjoy your new windows for years to come. 

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Window Styles

First things first, how would you describe your home? Simple and modern? Natural and rustic? Hometown Restyling offers window styles, colors, and designs to complement your home’s style. Explore the many types of windows we offer below.

Double-Hung Windows

Beautifully designed windows with great ventilation

Double-hung windows allow cool air to come in because they have top and bottom operable sashes. Open the top sash while keeping the lower part closed for greater security, especially if you have children or pets at home. Many Iowa homeowners choose double-hung windows because they offer great ventilation and because they’re easy to clean and operate. 

Designed with all the beautiful features of traditional wood windows and the performance of today’s most technologically advanced glass systems, Restorations® Double-Hung windows offer the best in beauty and performance. Your new windows will be virtually maintenance free—no need for painting and staining. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Minimize maintenance and simplify window operation with the tilt-in feature, contoured lift rails and pre-tensioned, dual pulley Block & Tackle balance system 
  • Achieve top-efficiency performance with advanced, triple weather stripping seals
  • Add curb appeal to your home and maximize the glass viewing area with our signature double-contoured narrow line window design 
  • Improve comfort and energy efficiency with polyurethane window frame insulation 
  • Enhance elegance with a coved interior glazing bead 
  • Keep your home safe with recessed pick-resistant locks
  • Get years of worry-free performance from your windows with an extruded aluminum screen frame and heavy-duty aluminum corner reinforcements

Casement Windows

Enjoy the versatility and stunning good looks of casement windows.

These windows are hinged on the side and open to a full 90 degrees to the left or right side. In addition to providing great ventilation, casement windows include stylish, functional hardware that’s easy to operate and allows you to easily clean your windows from inside your home. 

Casement windows have one of the lowest air infiltration rates in the industry. They are built to last and feature dual continuous seals of weather stripping, so you’ll be comfortable no matter the season. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Maximize visual appeal while minimizing the appearance of the frame and sash with the windows’ stepped internal and contoured external design 
  • Clean your windows from inside your home using the stylish, full-flip nesting hardware
  • Enhance your home’s security with recessed single-lever multi-point locking systems and heavy-duty metal keepers
  • Protect your home against drafts with the dual weather stripping system with compression and primary weather seals 
  • Take advantage of added comfort and energy efficiency with polyurethane window frame insulation 
  • Maximize your visible viewing area with a recessed screen 
  • Easily remove the window screen with the low-profile and ergonomically designed screen clip

Picture Windows

Windows that provide comfort paired with the perfect panoramic view.

With a single fixed pane, picture windows frame a view of the outdoors. They are typically installed in a home’s bedroom, kitchen, or other living space. 

Picture windows can’t be opened, but they let in plenty of natural light. Bask in the sunlight from the comfort of your home without worrying about air leaks or drafts during the colder months. Picture windows offer flexible design options and allow for additions like awnings and casements to create a more unique visual with added functionality. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Maximize your glass viewing area with our signature narrow-line window design 
  • Create traditional design lines with a coved interior glazing bead 
  • Take advantage of added comfort and energy efficiency with polyurethane window frame insulation 
  • Create equal sight lines and a uniform look in your home—for standard picture windows, add double-hung, single-hung, and sliding windows, and for casement picture windows, add casements and awnings

Awning Windows

Versatile windows with functional hardware for safe, hassle-free cleaning.

Awning windows look great and come with stylish, functional hardware to make cleaning safe and easy. With awning windows, you won’t have to worry about uncomfortable drafts—our awning windows have one of the industry’s lowest air infiltration rates because they feature three continuous seals of weather stripping. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Let in more daylight with stepped internal and contoured external profile that minimizes the frame and sash 
  • Enhance security with low-profile, dual-lever locking handles 
  • Ensure squareness with an adjustable hinge system 
  • Improve weather protection with dual weather stripping system featuring high-density polycell gasket and primary bulb seal
  • Enjoy more viewing area with a strategically placed recessed screen
  • Take advantage of added comfort and energy efficiency with polyurethane window frame insulation

Sliding Windows

Modern sliding windows that allow you to control the amount of ventilation in your home.

Sliding windows offer the same appeal as traditionally styled windows, but offer the great performance benefits of advanced technology. No matter how the wind blows, our specially designed weather-stripping system will keep you more comfortable than traditional sliding windows. 

Choose from various colors and glass styles to bring splendor and comfort to your home. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Maximize your glass viewing area with our signature narrow-line window design
  • Create traditional design lines with a coved interior glazing bead 
  • Take advantage of added comfort and energy efficiency with polyurethane window frame insulation 
  • Get years of worry-free performance from your windows with lift-out sliders with dual brass rollers featuring a stainless steel axle
  • Enjoy the peace of mind of having recessed pick-resistant locks and night latches for venting
  • Easily lift out and remove sashes
  • Clean your windows from inside your home with optional in-swing sashes for added efficiency 
  • Choose from lift-out and tilt-in operation styles for three-section configurations

Bay & Bow Windows

Individual double-hung casement windows that open by a hand crank.

Bay and bow windows provide added beauty and give your home’s architectural design a focal point. Both windows are made of a group of individual double-hung windows that can be opened with a hand crank. They differ most noticeably in their shape—bow windows are usually curved and have softer edges, while bay windows commonly look boxy. While bay windows have three panes of glass, bow windows have four panes or more. 

Bay Windows: Choose from an array of glass, designs, sizes, and wood grain interior colors to preserve your home’s classic look! Our bay windows provide a larger center picture window with your choice of double-hung windows or casement windows on the ends. You can also choose between a 30-degree or 45-degree angle to create your ideal seating area.

Bow Windows: Designed with four or more equally sized sections, our bow windows give your room new dimension and symmetrical style. Select from a variety of colors, wood grains, and dynamic glass options to make your new bow window a backdrop of elegance in your favorite room. Bow windows are available in all sizes and offer various combinations of ventilating and fixed units. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Achieve lasting quality with furniture-grade seat boards, headboards, and side panels 
  • Eliminate the need to paint, stain, and maintain and give interior bay window surfaces more durability with optional Pionite® laminates
  • Protect your window surfaces against unwanted water and moisture damage with the anti-water penetration system

Looking for Custom Windows?

We can help you visualize them! Hometown Restyling is a Sunrise Series vinyl window dealer. Check out the window visualization tool to start customizing your windows.

Frequently Asked Questions About Windows

Deciding which replacement window option is right for you isn’t easy. Energy efficiency is a major factor, and there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re getting the most out of your energy efficient windows. 

In this article, we outline the five key things that matter when it comes to window energy efficiency. Check it out, and then reach out for a free quote!

Installation is key to ensuring your windows perform efficiently. Here are just a few of the factors you should consider. 

Thermal Performance

Incorrect insulation around the window’s frame will allow drafts to enter your home. Improper installation can cause stress on the frame and sash, allowing energy loss around the frame and loss of the window seal. Once the seal is gone, your window will no longer be insulated and performing properly. 

Air Infiltration 

Air infiltration causes cold drafts and temperature differences within a room, which ultimately require you to set the thermostat higher or lower. Sealing and properly insulating the perimeter of the window frame keeps stubborn drafts from sneaking in. Ensuring the window closes and seals properly is an important step in the process. 

Wind Loads

An improperly anchored window may move within the rough opening or become misaligned, causing poor operations or even permanent damage. When the wind blows, your windows should rise to the challenge of protecting your home.  

Water Damage

When installing your windows, it’s important to incorporate a water barrier and water drainage plane to ensure no water penetrates around the frame of the window. Water can cause damage to the wall structure, weakening the support and seal around the window. Once the seal around the window is broken, air and water can easily access your home. 

Sound Control 

Proper insulation around the perimeter of your window can help reduce outside noise. A poorly balanced and anchored window may squeak or groan from wind and air pressure, causing more noise issues.

The glass you choose for your windows is an important consideration. Glass affects your home’s appearance, the clarity of your view from inside your home, the amount of light that enters your home, and how comfortable you feel throughout the year. It can also help you save on heating and cooling bills and protect your belongings from fading. 

Low-Emissivity (Low-E) coatings are one of the newest innovations in window performance. Learn more about the benefits of low-e glass in this article from our trusted dealer at Sunrise (now part of the MI Windows and Doors family).

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is a non-profit organization that has defined labeling requirements for windows and doors. This information helps homeowners choose the best products from their home. Under the program, products are independently tested, certified, and labeled to ensure they perform as advertised.

Installing new windows is a big investment. Before you begin the installation process, be sure the products you choose have been tested by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), a third-party nonprofit that certifies window and door rating and labeling. 

Next, consider the impact your existing windows have on your home’s beauty, value, and interior comfort, as well as what you want to achieve in replacing them. 

Finally, consider these four factors when searching for replacement window options: energy efficiency, aesthetics, durability, and maintenance.

To determine your return on investment, you’ll want to consider resale value, energy savings, aesthetics, comfort, convenience, security, and noise reduction. Averages for resale value and energy savings are easy to find, while others are more subjective.

Homeowners typically consider replacing windows because they are unsatisfied with their current windows. Improper installation is one of the top reasons for window failure and energy leakage. Understanding why windows fail is essential to choosing the best window and installation type to meet your expectations.

Here are some reasons vinyl windows are a great choice for your replacement windows. 

  • Vinyl windows reduce energy costs by preserving heat during the cold months and keeping heat out in the summer. 
  • They are nearly 100 percent scratch-free and require no maintenance beyond a good washing. 
  • Vinyl is less expensive than other window materials and more durable because it doesn’t rot, rust, or corrode. 
  • Vinyl windows come in many color, size, and style options. They can also be custom-made. 
  • You can get almost any window on the market in vinyl because it’s so durable.

Many homeowners know it’s time to replace their windows when they regularly receive higher than usual energy bills. This is likely a sign of cracked or improperly insulated windows. Old windows may also start to display condensation between the window panes, which indicates the frame, glass, or seal is damaged or that the glazing on the windows is fading.

Water damage is another sign it’s time to replace your windows. If you see mold or chipping, it’s likely time for new windows.

Finance Your New Replacement Windows

Can’t pay for your project all up front? Hometown Restyling offers great home improvement financing options that allow you to pay for your project over time.

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