8 Kitchen Remodel Upgrade Ideas and 8 Statistics to Know Before You Start a Kitchen Remodel

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Let’s face it, your kitchen is both the heart of your home and the place where everyone loves to gather (even when they aren’t cooking a meal!). It’s the social epicenter, but on some days it can simply feel like chaos central. 

That’s because as you grow into your home, the kitchen often hasn’t evolved with your changing needs. As you consider a kitchen remodel, no matter how small or large, we wanted to share eight statistics about kitchen remodel trends and eight kitchen remodel upgrade ideas that will get your creative juices flowing.

First, did you know?

  • Nearly half (45%) of homeowners are renovating because they finally have the means (budget, time, etc.).
  • Thirty-five percent say their kitchen badly needs an update, while 29% say their kitchen is old and broken down.
  • 89% of all homeowners hire a pro for their renovation project.
  • The most renovated feature is countertops (91%), followed by backsplashes (86%), and then sinks (84%).
  • Most homeowners (70%) do not change the size of their kitchen during their renovation.
  • Nearly 80% of homeowners splurge on at least one new kitchen feature.
  • 65% of homeowners replace all their cabinetry during a kitchen remodel. 29% of homeowners partially replace their cabinets. 

 Source: Houzz

Top 8 Favorite Kitchen Remodel Upgrade Ideas

If you’re dreaming of bringing more space, organization, convenience, and even a little “wow” to your kitchen through a remodel, we want to add a few thoughts to your “vision board” before you get started. As you walk through these eight recommendations, remember that we have a kitchen designer on staff who can help if you need advice on color, layout, usability, or simply to understand what will bring you the most value.

Whether it’s organizing your drawers, adding smart cabinetry, or exploring even more practical set-ups, we’re sharing our favorite kitchen remodeling upgrades. Some of them might seem small, but they can feel life-changing when it comes to making your kitchen more enjoyable and useful. 

Many of the recommendations you’ll see below are spotlights from our trusted partner StarMark Cabinetry. We are proud to partner with StarMark because of the exceptional top-tier quality and durability behind their products. Each one is constructed with high-quality hardwood, making them sturdy and long-lasting. Combine their products and our lifetime workmanship warranty and your kitchen remodel is, undoubtedly, in the best of hands!  

Browse through our top 8 favorite kitchen remodel upgrades and make a note of which ones you want to add to your wishlist to include in your future kitchen remodel. 

Top 8 Favorite Kitchen Remodel Upgrades 

Kitchen Remodel Upgrade Ideas: A mixer shelf lift

1. A Shelf Lift for Your Appliances 

Well, this is just smart, isn’t it? Add a shelf lift to your appliance storage area so your favorite kitchen mixer or appliance can always live on top of it. When you’re ready to use it, all you have to do is slide the lift up and out easily. Talk about a back saver! You never have to bend down, try to wrestle it out and find another space to set it up. It’s always ready to go. This maximizes your space and makes cleaning up easier too.  

Kitchen Remodel Upgrade Ideas: Slide out cabinet shelves for tight spaces

2. Slide Out Shelves For Tight Spaces 

Every kitchen has those hard-to-reach areas where the cabinet placement is less than ideal. You know the ones. They are often in the corner. We’ve all found ourselves getting on our knees, twisting our necks and arms to try to reach the back or around a corner to find the stacked bowls for popcorn night! Incorporating easy pull-out shelves or revolving drawer fronts makes everything more manageable. The increased space might also help you get your family on the same page in terms of understanding the correct spot to put something away. But let’s be honest, we can’t promise that!

Kitchen Remodel Upgrade Ideas: Organization sheet pan slots inside cabinets

3. Organizational Sheet Slots 

Adding slots to some of your kitchen cabinets is a huge game changer—especially if you add the rolling rack. You won’t believe how much easier it is to grab your favorite baking sheets, cupcake pans, lids, and cutting boards. Without the slots, these items tend to pile up on top of each other, making your dinner routine harder than it needs to be. Do yourself a favor and make sure to include slots for your sheets in your next kitchen remodel. After you have them, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them!

Kitchen Remodel Upgrade Ideas: Silverware dividers inside organized silverware drawer Kitchen Remodel Upgrade Ideas: Cooking utensils organized neatly in pullout cabinet drawer

4. Silverware and Utensil Dividers 

Does your utensil drawer ever feel like the Wild West? With so many people using this highly popular drawer, and with it holding so many different shapes and sizes of utensils, it can easily go from organized to chaos depending on who used it last. Here’s a pro tip: having built-in compartments for all your silverware and miscellaneous objects can help you tame this drawer. Unlike the plastic organizers you can purchase and use, the all-wood drawer organizer won’t slide around inside when you’re opening or closing the drawer. Our customers love how pristine the dividers make their drawers look, and how everything has its own perfect space. 

We also love the pull-out drawer that can house your larger cooking utensils, including knives you want to keep safely out of reach.  The padding inside provides an additional perk of preventing your knives from rubbing against each other and becoming dull. We also highly recommend you think about installing this pull-out drawer by your stove— that way your stirring spoons will always be just an arms-length away

Kitchen Remodel Upgrade Ideas: Pantry with organizational shelves and storage

5. Dream Pantries

Have you ever wished you could find a better way to organize your pantry space? These homeowners did! They divided their pantry in a very creative way. — creating a three-door pantry. There are two doors facing the front and one on the side to make gaining access easier all around. In the front, they installed five pull-out shelves to store appliances and kitchen tools, making them easy to organize and reach. On the left front side, and also accessible by a unique side door, they left an open space that can accommodate bulky items such as step stools, folding chairs, and cleaning supplies. All of the doors gave the homeowners additional space to hang everything from aprons to kitchen towels. It’s a convenient and tidy solution that adds space without having to endure the cost of expanding the footprint of the kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel Upgrade Ideas: Pull out drink cooler Kitchen Remodel Upgrade Ideas: Pull out drink cooler

6. Drink Coolers 

How many times have you tried to get your groceries into the fridge only to find yourself battling for space with all of the drinks that are tucked into every nook and cranny? It’s a universal issue in most households. That’s why so many people are choosing to install a drink cooler. No more reaching behind the broccoli to get that soda can. Here everything from your energy drinks to orange juice, creamer, adult beverages, oat milk and more can have their own space. This not only helps with everyday drink organization but is also great for parties. 

Kitchen Remodel Upgrade Ideas: Deep storage shelves under the stove for pots and pans

7. Deep Drawers Under (or Close) to Your Stove 

Don’t you hate it when you’re cooking at the stove and you have to run laps — sometimes several times — around your kitchen grabbing all of the pots and pans you need? Wouldn’t it be nice if everything was conveniently located near you or directly below you? That’s why many homeowners are adding deep drawers under their stovetops to house their most used kitchen items. This small change saves time and creates a less chaotic cooking experience. 

Kitchen Remodel Upgrade Ideas: Coffee station

8. Coffee (or Beverage) Station 

Imagine having your own coffee station at home. A neat, clean, and tidy space where you or your guests can create a delicious French press coffee, an espresso, or a frothy latte without having to get in the way of people using the main kitchen counters. By adding a small countertop surrounded by cabinetry you can create a fun focal point in your kitchen that’ll be used daily (if not multiple times a day). Here, you can store everything you need from tea to wine to your k cups–in the cupboards below or on the sides. These homeowners also added a nice touch by applying backlighting to the hanging shelves. With all of the trips you’ll save by not going to the coffee shop, this station and beverage bar may just pay for itself over the years!

Schedule Your Kitchen Remodel with Hometown Restyling  

If our list of kitchen upgrades above has inspired you to start making the preparations to start your own kitchen remodeling project, we’d love to chat about how we could help make your dream kitchen a reality. Our local kitchen remodeling experts will help you create a stunning kitchen that adds beauty and value. We believe a kitchen remodel isn’t something you’ll regret because it’s one of the best home remodeling investments you can make.  

From minor updates to major remodels, we’re a full-service kitchen remodeling team that can help you through every step of the way. 

Our kitchen remodeling services include:

  • Electrical 
  • Plumbing 
  • Drywall
  • Backsplash
  • Countertops
  • Cabinetry
  • Lighting 
  • Professional Renderings 

As we mentioned earlier in the blog, along with the impressive services we listed above we also have in-house certified kitchen and bathroom designers (CKBD) on staff. These talented designers are eager to sit down with you and chat about the styles you are drawn to and what things need to be top of mind when considering a new kitchen remodel. They listen to it all and then help formulate a design plan that combines both style and functionality. (See some of our featured projects here)

Our team of kitchen professionals all share the highest standard of work and provide the same level of exceptional customer service. When you choose to work with Hometown Restyling, we commit to giving your project the same attention to detail as we would if we were working on a project within our own homes. Unlike other companies, we stand by our work for a lifetime and we want you to reach out if you experience any problems with your kitchen remodel (or any project) so we can make it right, even if it’s years after.

Not only do we make the whole kitchen remodeling process as enjoyable as possible for our customers, but we also offer financing to help make it more attainable as well. We’re truly your one-stop shop for making everything happen, instead of shopping for financing rates elsewhere before reaching out to a contractor team, we’ve worked to find you the best options and make getting approved simple. Currently, we offer a variety of easy financing options that allow you to pay for your kitchen remodel over time, even after the project is finished! 

Our financing options are:

  • 60 months, no interest
  • 7.99% for 180 months 
  • 12 months, no interest, no payment
  • 9.99% for 120 months 

Finding out if you’re pre-approved is easier than you can imagine. You can even apply right now from your couch. No paperwork required.  

Now that you know how easy financing can be and what cabinetry upgrades you could incorporate in your next kitchen remodel, you might be asking yourself, “What’s stopping me from securing a spot on their books now”?  The answer would be nothing! Especially if you’re thinking ahead and want your space ready for the holidays. 

Reach out today and get your free quote so we can start the conversation about your kitchen remodel wishlist!