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Make your time outdoors more enjoyable with a pergola or patio cover. Hometown Restyling is a trusted local home remodeling contractor that’s been helping homeowners in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and surrounding areas bring their dreams to life—both inside and outside the home—for nearly 40 years. If you love spending time in your backyard but want a shaded, covered space to maximize your experience, a custom pergola or patio cover is an ideal solution. 

Hometown Restyling offers operable pergolas, the latest in pergola technology. These pergolas feature an innovative design with motorized roof panels that open and close with the touch of a button. On hot, sunny days or when sunny days unexpectedly become rainy, you can continue enjoying your time outdoors uninterrupted. 

Whenever possible, Hometown Restyling uses employee labor to ensure top-quality work. We stand behind our work, offering lifetime workmanship warranties. Delivering exceptional service with a personal touch is our priority, from the time we arrive at your home to provide an estimate through the completion of the project and throughout the life of your pergola or patio cover. 

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Pergolas and Patio Covers


Beautifully crafted covers that make elegant additions to your home.

Our pergolas combine the classic style of Italian architecture with state-of-the-art building materials to add beauty and value to your home. We are proud to offer pergolas that require no annual upkeep and will continue looking beautiful for years to come.

Types of Pergolas

  • Attached Pergolas: Attaching a pergola to your home is a great way to extend your living space with a shaded patio area. Whether you want to create an outdoor living area that complements your family’s swimming pool or you’re looking for a partial shade product to create the right setting for outdoor cookouts, an attached pergola is sure to be a welcome addition to your home. 
  • Detached Pergolas: A free-standing pergola is a great option if you’re looking to create some shaded space elsewhere in your yard or add architectural variety to your garden. Crafted from heavy-duty, fully-extruded aluminum, our free-standing pergolas feature superior strength and retain a like-new appearance throughout the years. The curved lattice fits into the beam construction with a snap-fit design, which requires no unsightly screws.  
  • Operable Pergolas: Operable pergolas function as a traditional pergola when you want sunshine and as a solid room when you want more protection from the elements. Our louvered pergolas offer automated movable roofs, allowing you to control the amount of sunlight or shade your patio or deck receives. They are constructed from heavy-gauge extruded aluminum, with extruded louvers designed with a return lip to better channel the flow of rainwater to prevent post-rain dripping. To ensure a clean, streamlined appearance, the power cable for the motor is hidden inside an electrical raceway. 

Patio Covers 

Visually appealing shade structures for your existing patio, deck, or driveway .

Our solid-style patio cover is designed to protect your deck, BBQ area, or other outdoor recreation area for added enjoyment, even when the sun is blazing or rain is headed your way. Hometown Restyling can also build custom carports designed specifically to protect your vehicle and complement your home.

Featured Projects

Reasons to Install a Pergola, Patio Cover, or Carport

It offers shade and protection from the elements. 
When you’re relaxing or entertaining guests, a pergola or patio cover can make your space more comfortable. Install motorized or crank-down shades to create additional shade and privacy.

Used as a carport, a patio cover protects your vehicle from sun overexposure, storm damage, and other environmental factors while keeping your vehicle cool during the summer. 

It extends your living space. 
If your home feels a little cramped, a pergola or patio cover can create a new space for your daily activities—add a couch and a few chairs for a lounging area or a dining table set to create a lunch or dinner hangout. People also add TVs, outdoor speakers, and ceiling fans to make their space more comfortable and enjoyable. 

It requires no annual maintenance and is built to last. 
Our pergolas and patio covers are made to withstand the elements with heavy-duty, fully-extruded aluminum. Plus, they’re made with peel and crack resistant material that won’t warp or become infested with insects.

Explore Our Zero-Interest Financing

Hometown Restyling offers various financing options so you can make payments on your new pergola or patio cover while you enjoy it.

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