Home Remodeling Gimmicks and Scams To Watch Out For

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A home improvement project is perfect if you want to increase your property’s value or simply upgrade various parts of your house. While you may opt to do this on your own, hiring a remodeling contractor is most beneficial. Aside from saving time and effort, you can also ensure that critical renovations are done efficiently.

That being said, it’s crucial to carefully choose who to hire for your home remodel. Even though there are a lot of reputable companies, there are also many home improvement scams rampant. To help you steer clear of these tactics, read about them below:

One-Time Deals

Be wary of buy-tonight offers at discounted rates. This home improvement fraud can pressure you to sign a deal at an inflated price.

If you’re ever presented with this kind of high-pressure promotion, ask for concrete proof, like a catalog, that the price they’re offering has never been used in the past. Better yet, refuse to sign anything before doing your own research on their reputability and their competitor’s rates. Beware of companies twisting your arm to sign tonight.

Besides the buy-tonight fake promotions, there are other promotion scams to be aware of. For instance, buy one window, get one free. In most cases, the retail price of the window has been increased to reflect a fake discount significantly. To ensure reliable and high-quality services, hire a trusted home remodeling contractor in Iowa.

Low Bids and ‘Attractive’ Promotions

Although we love a good sale, be cautious of contractors presenting hugely discounted prices for their services. Another popular gimmick promotion is free installation or half-off installation, where the retail price of the product is inflated to show a fake discount. Here’s the reality—installers don’t work for free nor do the work for 50% of their pay.

That said, it’s best to learn about the 3-day right of rescission. This allows you to cancel a contract within 3 days of signing, so you can still back out in case you change your mind about an offer. Some companies will try to take advantage of their clients by not letting them know about their right of cancellation.

Free Inspection

Although some home remodeling companies do offer free inspections, it’s best to be cautious of contractors that offer the same. This scam is usually a way for them to find issues in your home they claim they can fix, but can actually be done on your own. Sometimes, they may even point out nonexistent problems and force you to needlessly spend money on renovations.

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Learning about these home improvement scams will help you identify them if you encounter any in the future. Protect yourself from construction frauds by only consulting trusted and reputable home remodeling companies. Get in touch with Home Town Restyling in Hiawatha, IA today!