Outdoor Living Trends

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Outdoor living spaces are becoming one of the most popular home renovation projects. From custom-built fire pits to full outdoor kitchens, backyard retreats are quickly becoming the hottest trend in home remodeling.

Creating professional outdoor spaces isn’t just popular with current homeowners looking to update their home. Prospective home buyers are also taking notice of the trend. Great outdoor living spaces are becoming a huge buying point for potential homeowners. This has created even more demand from homeowners to add outdoor living amenities to homes that were built with uninspiring backyards. This is particularly true in high-end neighborhoods to retain the home’s resale value. As a result, outdoor living spaces are quickly becoming one of our most popular products.

Popular Backyard Additions

According to the American Institute of Architects 2015 Home Design Trends Survey, outdoor living rooms are on the rise, with 62 percent of homeowners surveyed listing them on their 2016 wish list. And for homeowners who put a premium on convenience and style, the simple gas grill is often being replaced with a fully equipped outdoor kitchen to make outdoor entertaining more enjoyable.

Backyard living spaces can come in all shapes and sizes. They can include everything from kitchens, cabanas and poolrooms to fully furnished living rooms and dining areas. Some homeowners even like bringing home the feel of their favorite watering hole by creating a bar with plenty of seating for all their friends. Whatever your preference, we can help you realize the full potential of your home’s outdoor area.

Designing Your Perfect Space

At Home Town Restyling, our designers can help you design and build the perfect backyard living area for your family. Today’s outdoor spaces include many of the following elements:

-Outdoor kitchen areas for food preparation, grilling and storage

-Dining areas with benches

-Fireplaces and pizza grills

-Pergolas, columns, or other structures to complement outdoor activities

-Covered areas for hot tubs or spas

-Fully decked out cabanas and bars with high end outdoor furniture

-Amenities like refrigerators, coolers, infrared heaters, built-in stereo systems, and mounted big-screen TVs

Click here to check out our outdoor living gallery for some outdoor living inspiration.

Your home’s outdoor areas can become your private retreat for relaxing or the perfect venue for summer parties. You can enhance it with small touches or go all out and create a showcase featuring the latest trends. If you decide to go big, be sure to hire a licensed and insured contractor to handle the project. For more information about finding the best local contractor for your next home improvement project, click here to download your FREE eBook, Iowa Contractor Comparison Guide – How to Make Your Remodeling Project a Success.