Insulated Vinyl Siding Makeover in Solon, Iowa

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A Solon, IA family recently got an insulated vinyl siding makeover.  Tom Casey, of  Home Town Restyling in Hiawatha, Iowa was called out to help solve this homeowner’s curb appeal problem.

This home had a mis-matched stone veneer and dated look of builder’s grade vinyl siding. Tom’s crews replaced the bad sheathing of the previous installation and wrapped the home in house-wrap to prevent air infiltration.

A new natural stone entryway was added to compliment the  Double 6 Stack-Lock siding which also has an insulated backer. This upgrade truly gives this house the look of a painted Cedar Siding without the maintenance and woodpecker headaches. The added insulation will keep the home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and significantly make the home quieter inside.

Darcy is very thankful that she no longer has to look at the ‘Brady Bunch’ house when she pulls into her driveway.

If your home needs a makeover, give the folks at Home Town Restyling a call or use our online  form to schedule your free estimate.