Is It Time to Replace My Home’s Windows?

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When it comes to updating your home, new windows may not be at the top of  your to do list, but there are many reasons why it might be time to replace your windows. So what signs should you be looking for when you inspect your windows?

Here are the most common reasons to replace your windows:

Faded carpet or furniture

The low-emissivity window glass coatings found in most new windows reflects the sun’s UV rays away from your home, which protects your furniture, drapes and carpets from fade damage.

Rising utility costs due to hot or cold drafts

Energy efficient windows with low-E glass coating also reduce heat loss during winter months and heat gain during air-conditioning season.

Foggy windows

Fogginess between the window’s panes are caused by a broken seal.

Malfunctioning window hardware

Malfunctioning hardware means it may be difficult to lock, open or close windows.

Water damage

If you notice water damage around your windows, broken or chipped glass or chipped paint around the frames, it may be time for window replacements.

Difficulty cleaning or maintaining windows

If you have a hard time cleaning or maintaining windows, particularly those that require a stepladder in order to clean the outside of the windows, you should look into tilt-in replacement windows. Tilt-in windows make cleaning much easier.

No more peace and quiet

Noise pollution allowed in by faulty windows and/or poor installation

Dated and rotting window frames

Rotting wood in window or frame causing window to fall apart. Windows that no longer match style of home are also a popular reason people decide it’s time for replacements this will, in turn, increase your home’s value.

If you are experiencing one or many of these problems, you should start thinking about replacing those windows before the snow flies again. Home Town Restyling offers a wide range of replacement windows in the Cedar Rapids area for every budget. When you decide to replace your windows, make sure you select the right contractor using our FREE Guide, Iowa Contractor Comparison Guide – How to Make Your Remodeling Project a Success for tips on hiring the right local contractor.