How Long Will It Take To Install A New Sunroom?

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Sunroom Contractor Cedar Rapids, IAMost years, new sunrooms, sunroom renovations and replacements are among our most popular home improvement projects and we don’t expect 2017 to be any different. If you are thinking about a sunroom project this year, be sure to schedule early.

How early? Well, if you want to enjoy the benefits of a sunroom addition by spring or early summer, you’ll want to get your project on the schedule as soon as possible.

When we meet with potential clients to give them a free estimate for adding a sunroom, covered patio or pergola, we’ll talk about both when we can start the project and how long it will take to complete once we get started. There are a lot of variables that can affect completion time. Of course, there’s the weather. If we still have snow on the ground late into the spring, we can’t do much to prepare the site for a new deck or sunroom.

Beyond Mother Nature, these are the primary factors that determine how long it will take to install a new sunroom this year:

Contractor’s Installation Schedule – The improving economy means that home improvement contractors are busier than ever. At Home Town Restyling, we’re already booking sunroom installations for spring and summer. In eastern Iowa, you can expect to need 8 weeks of lead time to start a sunroom project. If you wait until mid or late year to schedule, it may take 12 weeks or more to get you on the schedule.

Site Preparation – This part of a sunroom installation will generally take from 1-3 days, depending on whether we are building an entirely new deck or patio from scratch or converting an existing deck to a sunroom. This may include excavation, leveling and pouring cement footings or a foundation. If your existing structure is in poor condition, you may need to tear it out and start over. You may also need to change some landscaping or move utilities.

Building Sunroom Structure – Again, this varies based on the type of sunroom you select. On average, once the site is ready, a 3 season type sunroom will take 3-5 days to complete.

Sunroom iStockFinishing Touches – The finishing touches on your new sunroom will also take a little time. Do you want ceiling fans? Will the room have heating and cooling units? Carpets, blinds and furniture will all need to be selected and installed. Be sure to leave yourself enough time to accomplish all of these tasks when you think about your sunroom project schedule.

Homeowners who build out additional outdoor living space or convert their existing deck to a sunroom love the versatility the extra living space provides but it will take a bit of strategic planning to make sure it’s ready when you need it. Whether you need extra space for weddings and graduations, just want a peaceful place to read the paper and drink your coffee, or you need a second family room for TV viewing, an enclosed deck or sunroom is an affordable solution for adding extra living space.

If it’s time to upgrade your outdoor living space or look into adding a new sunroom, you have many decisions to make. Be sure to look at our sunroom gallery for ideas and click below to download the Complete Guide to Sunroom Styles to get started.

Free sunroom styles guide