Open Up Your House to the Outdoors—with an insulated Sunroom!
Whatever you do at home, you’ll enjoy doing it more in your new sunroom. It doesn’t just expand your floor plan—it expands your lifestyle. We offer 4 season sunrooms in Iowa as well as three season sunrooms, each designed to fit your particular wants and needs.

Protect Your Home Investment
If you’ve considered moving, but found the market unfavorable, a new 4 season sunroom in Iowa is a great way to expand your living space at a reasonable cost. This sunroom is a high-value investment in your home—one which will stay looking new and retain its value for the lifetime of your home.

Year Round Comfort
Most sunrooms are made up of approximately 85% glass, so make sure it’s the absolute best glass available. Our All-Season sunroom features the ultimate performance glass on the market. It allows visible light in while reflecting damaging UV rays away. The result is a light-filled room with the highest level of year-round comfort and energy savings combined with the best furniture fading protection.

More Windows
Most sunroom systems depend on their windows for structural stability, and add filler to make up for the space left by stock-size windows. Not ours. Our wall structure is independently strong and stable, so you can choose virtually any combination of window styles to match your décor and taste. Bonus: The superior wall strength allows for 20% more window and glass area than other sunroom systems.

Custom Design
Your four season sunroom in Iowa will have more windows, more light, no fill, and allow you freedom to choose from the limitless options our sunroom systems offer. As the leading home remodeling contractor in Iowa, Home Town Restyling lets you simply focus on the design you want. If you can dream it, we can do it!

Cathedral Sunrooms

Cathedral sunrooms are an excellent option for homeowners looking to add both style and value to their homes. They will increase your living space and add height and appeal with stunning vaulted ceilings. This style also blends beautifully with the original construction, so the end result will be a seamless addition to your home. Cathedral sunrooms make wonderful ‘Great Rooms’—perfect for family time or a large holiday gathering.

  • Glass top and bottom wall options are available.
  • Full-view glass walls.
  • Requires additional height—ideal for larger homes.
  • Can be customized to match the unique dimensions of your home.

Studio Sunrooms

Our studio sunroom is our most popular model. Studio sunrooms are easily adaptable and able to complement the décor of homes with complex or simple styles while offering a natural extension to most existing roof designs. With this sunroom, you can easily and affordably add a relaxing oasis to your home.

  • Idea for one or two-story homes.
  • Can be used with 1-wall, 2-wall, and 3-wall setups and is ideal for 2-wall and return wall configurations.
  • Gentle roof pitch that easily works with most single-story homes without requiring added construction.

Contact Home Town Restyling for a patio enclosure or a sunroom installation on your property. We serve the Eastern Iowa communities as well as anywhere within the 60-mile radius of Cedar Rapids, IA and Iowa City, IA.