Enhance the beauty and value of your home with a pre-finished steel entry system. Our insulated steel doors and sidelights offer durability, energy-efficiency, security, and are low maintenance. For reliable steel door installation, Home Town Restyling is the one to call!

We have several styles to choose from, and instead of wood edges, our doors have steel on all six sides for added strength and security. Steel edge doors are 10 times stronger than wood edge doors. These come standard with PF Frames (poly fiber composite) to provide years of low maintenance. PF Frames resist insects, rot and warping, and have superior paint adhesion. “Replacement – RP Entry System” (retro-fit) provides an alternative to complete replacement of your entry system. Here, replacement doors with its heavy-duty steel frame slips into your existing door frame to provide a strong, secure entry.

Home Town Restyling is a leading home remodeling contractor offering 16 standard paint colors to complement your home decor. We can also custom match any color if provided with a sample. Our standard paint colors produce more than 200 interior/exterior combinations, so when the homeowner sends a color sample, the combinations are endless.

Decorative glass enhances the hospitality of every home. We have a broad selection of decorative glass for doors, sidelights and transoms to appeal to every taste. Our insulated door lights carry a Lifetime glass and frame warranty. Custom door lights are also available.

Hardware, knob and deadbolt, are included with every entry door. Home owners may choose from a variety of knobs, levers and handle sets in the latest designer finishes: Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Satin Nickel, Antique Nickel, SatinChrome, Polished Chrome, Venetian Bronze, Rustic Bronze, Rustic Pewter and Iron Black. Featuring SMART KEY.

Advantages of Steel Doors

They Provide Great Insulation

If you want your home to be more energy efficient, then steel frame security doors are for you. They are proven to be at least five times better than pure wood at insulation. This is because steel doors are often stuffed with insulating foam.

They Are Low Maintenance

Unlike wooden doors, ones made of steel will never warp or become easily deformed. So, the only maintenance they will need is the occasional repainting to touch up their appearance.

They Improve Home Security

One of the reasons people choose steel entry doors is because of their strength. Compared to other doors in Eastern Iowa, those made of steel will not easily break when force is applied. Getting a steel door replacement can make your home more secure and harder to break into.

Get in touch with our experienced contractors at Home Town Restyling. We provide fiberglass and steel door installation in Eastern Iowa communities, including homeowners within a 40-mile radius of Cedar Rapids, IA and Iowa City, IA. installation services for steel and fiberglass doors. Contact us today to request a quote!