Benefits of Installing a Pergola

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If you’re looking into installing an outdoor living structures there are many options available including attached pergolas, freestanding pergolas, and garden arbors. We also have operable pergolas – the latest in pergola technology for those interested in controlling the amount of sun and rain protection. Learn more about this new technology in the video below:

At first glance, a pergola may not seem like a very practical structure but looks can be deceiving. Here are six great reasons to install a pergola in your outdoor living area.

Add Shade

Traditional pergolas with open beams across the top create a stationary, roof-like structure that provides some relief from the intense summer sun. Operable pergola, like the ones featured in the video above, have motorized beams that open and close to fully block out the harsh sun or protect from rain and hail.

Outdoor Living Area for Parties and Gatherings

A pergola becomes an inviting, shady spot to entertain during the hot summer days and can be outfitted with lighting for nighttime gatherings. With comfortable outdoor furniture for lounging or a dining area, family and friends will be drawn to this elegant retreat. During the winter months when you’re outdoor space isn’t in use, an operable pergola will remain a striking landscape feature all year round.

Increase Privacy

Pergolas allow you to adjust the level of privacy in your home’s outdoor space. With the roof-like structure blocking the view from above, it will provide more privacy than a deck or patio. Invest in an operable pergola or add in the creative use of drapes, screens or other materials around the perimeter of the pergola for added privacy.

Help Define Your Space

A pergola helps to define an outdoor living space. It adds visual interest and creates a clearly defined area for eating, entertaining or lounging around on a lazy afternoon. In addition, depending on the model you choose, pergolas offer covering for your outdoor furniture and outdoor kitchen appliances, making this space even more functional.

Increase Home Value and Curb Appeal

As outdoor living trends continue to grow in popularity, a pergola will make an excellent investment for your home. Outdoor spaces with garden structures like arbors and pergolas have become very popular in recent years and they can be done on a variety of budgets. With your existing patio or deck as a starting point, creating a weather-protected living space holds great appeal in today’s market.

Expand Gardening and Landscaping Options

As an extension of your outdoor living space, pergolas are a perfect companion for flowering ivy and other climbing plants. Hanging plants also thrive there. If you have a green thumb and need more growing space, the option to use a pergola for vertical gardening could make a pergola the perfect addition to your home.

Your home’s outdoor areas have so much potential for expanding your living spaces. If you decide to add a structure like a pergola, deck or patio, be sure to hire a licensed and insured contractor to handle the project. For more information about finding the best local contractor for your next home improvement project, click here to download your FREE eBook, Iowa Contractor Comparison Guide – How to Make Your Remodeling Project a Success.

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