Transform your home into an English style country estate with a spectacular K2 conservatory.

More than just a sunroom, a conservatory creates an elegant exterior flourish and a unique signature in your neighborhood. Inside, K2 provides a breathtaking open space which will change the way you interact with your home.

European Charm. North American Durability.
Since the 17th century, conservatories have graced the lawns of European nobility and added space, style, and a genuine sense of luxury to many of the most enduring homes worldwide. Their versatility and ethereal nature create a space unlike that found in any other room in your home. The conservatory is truly the ultimate home addition. It’s engineered and constructed to meet the severe wind, heat, and snow conditions typical of North America. Your K2 conservatory will keep you safe and comfortable, all year round.

As the leading home remodeling contractor in Eastern Iowa, all our conservatory sunrooms at Home Restyling are custom designed and engineered for each particular installation. This gives the conservatory its strength and makes the wide expanses of open space possible, which gives it its ethereal character. The entire system is also clad in PVCu to provide a wider range of colors and finishes and even add thermal insulation. Plus, all members are connected with the K2 Konnect System—a bolting system that eliminates unsightly external screw heads, fasteners, and caulk.

Things to Consider When Building a Conservatory Sunroom

When it comes to deciding on the size of conservatory sunrooms, you must think about the amount of space you will need. Choose a size that will still feel roomy given the amount of furniture you will put in the area.

Conservatory sunrooms work best when they receive an ample amount of light. These backyard living spaces should be located in an area on your property that has the best lighting. Look at your Eastern Iowa property throughout the day and see where the light falls around your home.

If you want to use your conservatory all year round, it needs to be properly insulated. A conservatory room addition needs the right type of thermally insulated windows to ensure they can be used even in the winter.

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