A walls-only patio enclosure is the ideal solution for those looking to get year-round use from their covered patio/deck. Installing an enclosed patio room allows you to create an indoor living space out of your covered patio that still feels connected to the outdoors with nearly floor-to-ceiling window panels.

With this wall system, your patio room will be transformed into a space that allows you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without nuisances like bugs and inclement weather, and it will also increase the overall value of your home. We offer customizable wall heights and widths to allow your design to seamlessly blend into your home’s architecture.

Benefits of an Enclosed Existing Screen Room

1. It Protects You From Outdoor Bugs
When people enjoy the outdoors, they often have to deal with insects such as mosquitos, flies, and other pests and creepy crawlies. But with enclosed sunrooms, you can relax in the nature surrounding your home without worrying about any bugs stinging or biting you. The screen will keep any insects out while you enjoy the views and the atmosphere of the outdoors. You can even set up a little dining area and eat there whenever you like without having to think about protecting your food from insects.

2. It Helps Your Patio Last Longer
An open patio is exposed to the elements 24/7. This can result in the patio experiencing more wear and tear than a covered space. It will need maintenance and repairs more often. To help make sure your patio lasts longer, it’s best to provide some protection for it. Building a patio enclosure will help shelter the area from exposure to direct sunlight, rain, and snow.

3. It Gives You Daytime Privacy
Having an enclosed patio room can help you protect your privacy as you enjoy the view that your garden or yard has to offer. While you are lounging outdoors during the day, you may not want other neighbors’ and passersby’s prying eyes to intrude in your time of relaxation. Screen rooms are often hard to see into during the day and can give you that additional level of privacy outdoors.

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