Sunroom Options

  • Enclosed screen rooms – These are the simplest form of sunrooms. They are outdoor spaces enclosed by screens instead of the typical glass usually used for sunrooms. An enclosed sunroom can be constructed as an addition that covers a deck or built as a completely new room connected to your home.
  • Three season rooms – These are the typical sunrooms that use glass windows. These windows can span the entire floor-to-ceiling area on all its walls or only take up at least half of their vertical height. Three season rooms are recommended for homeowners who want a sunroom they can use for spring, summer, and fall seasons, as the space doesn’t have additional insulation suited for harsh winter conditions.
  • All season or four season rooms – Most local sunroom contractors build these structures almost exactly like the three season sunroom, except that these have insulation features that keep them at a comfortable temperature even during the winter. These are perfect for families who want a feel of the outdoors even during cold weather.
  • Florida rooms – These sunrooms are usually built at the back of the home, often overlooking the backyard. They are typically designed to bring in as much natural light and air as possible.
  • Conservatories – These structures not only feature glass walls; they have glass roofs as well. The glass can span a portion of the roof or the entirety of a conservatory sunroom.
  • Patio enclosures – Turn your patio into a sunroom. Our sunroom builders can help you add a glass or screen enclosure to your existing patio.

In case you want to learn more about sunrooms, read our blogs about them. For sunroom installation contact us at Home Town Restyling! We serve the Eastern Iowa communities or anywhere within the 60-mile radius of Cedar Rapids, IA and Iowa City, IA.