Is the Best Composite Decking Really A Composite? The Case For PVC Decks

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The prospect of a “maintenance free” deck that does not require yearly staining, painting or cleaning naturally appeals to many homeowners. Several years ago, an alternative decking material made from a composite of wood, sawdust and plastic fused into boards seemed to be the perfect solution. However, many of these composite products failed to live up to the hype and homeowners were left with few alternatives other than filing lawsuits and/or starting over.

One of the joys of home ownership is the potential to enjoy your own, private outdoor space, “decked out” just the way you like it. When done right, decks are awesome. Decks gone bad? This is a very expensive experience.

Common problems with early maintenance free decks included:

Composite Deck Problems

Fortunately, today there are many better, long lasting maintenance free deck materials on the market. However, you still need to do your homework when choosing the deck material you want to use because not all decking materials are created equal.

A composite deck material is just that – a combination several of materials fused together to form decking boards. It’s the wood filler that leads many of problems because it can absorb moisture. In turn, that leads to decay, delamination, discoloration and splintering. The problem for homeowners is that many of these problems don’t show up for a few years, long after the warranty (if there is one) has expired.

How do you know which brands of composite decking you can count on to stay attractive and functional for years to come? At Home Town Restyling, we recommend avoiding composites and instead using deck material made from 100% cellular PVC, sometimes called Plastic Decking, with no wood fillers or no artificial fillers. We use PVC decking from Royal Building Products for all of our maintenance free deck installations. Available in many colors and lengths, we’re proud to put our name and our lifetime guaranty behind these materials because:

  • doesn’t absorb moisture from weather or spills
  • has no wood fibers so there is no expansion and contraction
  • features durable, solid-board construction
  • resists mold damage, scratches and dents
  • maintains original color with a fade-resistant surface
  • limited lifetime warranty

Composites may be cheaper at the start, but smart homeowners understand that the most expensive project is the one you have to do twice. Royal Decking offers a lifetime warranty on material and, of course, Home Town Restyling protects your warranty.

A good maintenance free deck provides unyielding resistance to harsh Iowa storms, sun, heat, snow and cold so you can spend your time enjoying the outdoors instead of painting, staining or sealing. If you are ready to add a new deck or replace an existing one, download our FREE Deck Planning Checklist to get started on your plan.

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