Top 6 Reasons to Add a Sunroom to Your Home

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Wall of windows in a sunroom

Are you daydreaming of those sun-filled days that emerge once the Iowa cold and snow melt away? 

What if you didn’t have to wait? One of the best ways to enjoy Iowa’s unpredictable weather all year round is with a sunroom. Adding an enclosed space that’s designed to fit your lifestyle can create the perfect oasis, giving you the feeling of being outside without having to deal with extreme temperatures (either too hot or too cold) and annoying bugs.

What you might not know is there are many types of sunrooms to consider from three to four seasons with a variety of design options. In this blog, we’ll outline the different possibilities and talk about some of the ways a sunroom can also add value to your home, cut down on electricity, costs, and add much-needed light!

A quick note: After reading this, if you decide to work with us, we encourage you to reach out soon and get on our books before the warmer weather hits and our schedule fills up!

Stylish sunroom with modern decor

Top 6 Reasons to Add A Sunroom to Your Home

We can’t tell you how often we’ve heard clients say their new sunroom quickly became the most popular spot in their home to hang out. There are so many perks to having a sunroom. Below we’re sharing the top six reasons why you might want to consider adding a sunroom this season. 

1. Expand Your Living Space

If you need more space in your home but don’t want to go through the headache of moving somewhere new, a sunroom is a great way to increase the square footage easily. Think about all the additional gathering space you could have for family and friends. Many customers use their sunrooms as an extra living room, a dining area, an office space, a yoga spot, or even a kids’ playroom. 

2. Enjoy Nature & Relax

When you have a sunroom, it’s a constant reminder of nature around you. With floor-to-ceiling ceilings, it’s easy to marvel at the beauty of every season (yes, even winter). Because you get this big, beautiful view of nature, it almost begs you to appreciate it more. This can lead to spending more time enjoying the outdoors—whether that’s popping outside for some time in the fresh air or just enjoying your morning coffee from a lounge chair by an open window. Having a sunroom is like having a personal relaxing retreat.

3. Protect Yourself and Your Furniture from Harmful UV Rays

Our sunrooms feature quality grade ultimate performance glass on the market. This allows visible light in while protecting you from the damaging effects of UV rays. This is a great alternative for those who want to feel the warmth of the sun on their skin, but tend to get burned or irritated in direct sunlight. It also protects your furniture from fading and cracking from too much exposure to the sun. 

4. Let the Light In

Many people are drawn to sunrooms because of the open feel it gives your home. When you work with Hometown Restyling professionals we’ll help you choose a combination of window styles to create your ideal luxurious space.  We mentioned that sunrooms can protect you from harmful UV rays, but they also make sure all the good light gets in. This allows you to illuminate a room with natural light which can reduce headaches, boost vitamin D, and put you in a better mood. The natural light is also great for plants—which thrive in sunrooms. 

5. Save on Energy Bills 

Did you know adding a sunroom to your home can help cut down on some of your most common bills? It’s true. We only use energy-efficient insulation materials and high-quality windows. In peak months you may notice a decrease in your utility bills because the sunshine naturally helps heat and cool your home, allowing your furnace and air conditioner to take a break. Most days you won’t have to worry about overhead lighting either, so you can save on electricity costs, too. 

6. Increase Your Home Value

When homeowners decide to add a sunroom to their home, they not only get to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above, but they’ll also see an increase in the value of their home. The average return on a sunroom investment is about 50% of the addition’s cost, according to HomeAdvisor. Having a sunroom is a huge perk to potential homebuyers—many will appreciate the additional square footage and the aesthetic that a sunroom adds to a home. 


Your Sunroom Options

Once you decide to add a sunroom to your home, the next question you’ll need to ask yourself is what kind of sunroom you want and what will work best in your space. When you know all your options, the more confident you can feel in your decision. Below are the different types of sunrooms and some of the popular features and considerations of each design option. 

The different types:

Sunroom living area at nighttime

All-Seasons Sunroom: These sunrooms are insulated with heating and cooling elements and can provide year-round usability, even in the wintertime.


3-season sunroom overlooking a patio

Three-Seasons Sunroom: These sunrooms are meant to be enjoyed through the spring, summer, and fall. These rooms don’t have the same heating and cooling elements as a four-season sunroom, so would need to have a portable heating device during the colder months to be comfortable.


Design Options:

Cathedral sunroom with a nice couch and dining area with a fireplace

Cathedral Sunroom: These sunrooms add living space and height with vaulted ceilings. We’ve seen many customers use these for “great rooms.”


Outdoor shot of a studio sunroom

Studio Sunrooms: One of the most popular models, studio sunrooms are easily adaptable to your home’s existing designs. These are ideal for one or two-story homes.


Outdoor shot of an enclosed existing screen room

Enclosed Existing Screen Rooms: This option is ideal if you have a covered patio or deck that you’re looking to enclose. This allows homeowners an added layer of privacy and protection from outside elements than what their patio or deck would offer.


Why Work with Hometown 

At Hometown Restyling, we recognize every home project is important. Our skilled contractors are there to answer all of your questions and help walk you through your options. When it comes to sunrooms, if you can dream it, we can do it! Our sunroom options are virtually limitless and we want to be that trusted partner to help make your dream sunroom a reality. 

For nearly 40 years, our team of skilled contractors has been providing trusted, friendly service with a personal touch. No matter what room you’re remodeling, we do our best to ensure it will be functional for years to come. Not to mention, we offer something most of our competitors won’t—a lifetime workmanship warranty on every project. If something doesn’t meet your standards, we want you to let us know so we can make it right! 

We also recognize remodeling projects are an investment, so we offer financing options to help make those big home dreams more attainable. With our financing assistance, many of our clients can start or complete projects, even if they don’t have the money upfront. 

Our current financing options include:

  • 60 months, no interest 
  • 18 months, no payments, and no interest 
  • 2.99% for 120 months 
  • 6.99% for 84 months 

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If you’ve been considering a new sunroom, we’d love to connect you with our team of professionals. Reach out today and mention this blog to get your free quote and discuss your options.