Cedar Rapids, Iowa Sunroom – Enjoy The Outdoors From Inside

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Rick and Karen Johnson had always dreamed of having a new sunroom addition on their Cedar Rapids home. They called on Beau Butterbrodt, at Home Town Restyling, Inc to combine their ideas that would incorporate the beautiful view of their backyard garden.

The Johnson’s passion is gardening and bird watching along with collecting antiques that surround their yard and living area. After carefully designing a layout that would access their sunroom from their bedroom and dining room, Beau came up with a 10’ x 18’ sunroom design.

The room consists of 2-lite sliding windows 60’ tall with full screens, one full view prime glass entry door, maintenance free materials, tempered glass with thermal efficiency and an independent heating system for year round enjoyment. A Studio roof design was chosen so re-working their entire roof line wasn’t required.

Today, if you want to find the Johnson’s,  just walk around their backyard and they’ll be enjoying life while protected from rain, sun and insects in their beautiful dream sunroom.

Thank you Rick and Karen for your business. I hope you love your room as much as I did in helping you realize your dreams and that  it is everything you ever imagined!

If you are considering a new sunroom in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area, call Home Town Restyling for a quote and design ideas for your project.