Choosing the Right Patio Door for Your Home

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Upgrade your home’s style and function by changing your exterior doors. With many options these days, from space-saving sliding doors to elegant French doors, it is best to research before scheduling a patio door installation with your home contractor.

However, knowing and understanding the various types of doors for your patio or outdoor area can sometimes be overwhelming. So, we have written this blog post to narrow down your options and simplify choosing the right patio door for your home. Read on to know the different forms of exterior doors.

Sliding Patio Door
If you are after the ease of use, affordability, and style versatility, this type of patio door is your best choice. Sliding patio doors let in tons of light, making your home appear brighter and warmer. On the other hand, an option of putting in blinds between the glass is also available if you want to add privacy. You can also quickly get in and out of the house since these doors use a sliding mechanism that you can operate easily.

Just make sure to choose a frame color that matches your existing furniture and home decors. When purchasing a sliding patio door, take notes of your house’s location, the climate, and the weather conditions in your area. This way, you can properly choose which frame materials are best suited for your home.

French Doors
These doors are hinged like regular entry doors but open from the inside by swinging, hence their nickname, swinging doors. French patio doors give off an elegant look because of their classic style. They come in different colors, finishes, and glass options. These patio doors oftentimes have panels made of 100% glass to allow natural sunlight into your house.

Bi-Fold Glass Walls
Like sliding patio doors, bi-fold glass walls also slide open, but on top of their adjacent panel. Left and right panels can both slide, as long as you have enough floor space available for the side they open to. This makes them easy and fast to operate – just slide to fold. These doors are a great option if you don’t have that much wall space but still want to achieve the look of glass walls.

Stacking Glass Walls
Imagine multiple bi-fold glass walls stacked together; that is a stacking glass wall. These patio doors have more than two panels that slide open on top of each other. They also let in lots of light into your home without requiring big floor spaces. Compared to bi-fold glass walls, these are good for areas with no extra room to accommodate a big door that opens either outward or inward.

If you plan to purchase a new patio, whether you want to install a new door system or get replacement doors, Home Town Restyling can provide the patio door that suits your needs and outdoor space. We offer patio door installation and replacement. Contact our team, and we can help you find the patio door you are looking for.