Creating A Sunroom In Stages

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create sunroom in stages - smallAre you thinking about adding a sunroom to your home this year? Sunrooms increase your home’s footprint and add beauty and comfort to any home; but these benefits don’t come without a price.

According to a recent report by Home Advisor, in 2017 the price of a new sunroom will vary widely, with the average sunroom costing around $40,000.00.

Source: Home Advisor

If you are concerned that building a sunroom from scratch is too much for your budget in any one year, keep in mind that many people install their sunroom in stages to spread out the costs.

We’ve written quite a bit about sunroom options for your home in the past. From enclosing an existing screen room to completing 3 or 4 season sunroom additions, you can see there are options for every budget.

A good sunroom contractor can help you create a plan to build the sunroom of your dreams and spread out the construction and the cost over multiple years.

Obviously, this process isn’t for everyone. Some people hate the remodeling process and the associated disruption it brings to their lives. For them, getting the whole project done and over with all at once is well worth the sticker shock. However, if you are willing to space out the creation of your sunroom, you can break the project into financially smaller phases and pay or finance as you go.

Building your sunroom in stages might look something like this:

Year 1 – Preparation of Site and Construction of Deck or Patio

If you are starting from scratch, you’ll need to prepare your site. This may include excavation, leveling and pouring cement footings or a foundation. If you have an existing structure poor condition, you may need to tear it out or you may be able to use an existing structure with some reinforcement.  You may need to move landscaping or utilities to make way for the new structure. Your costs for this portion of the project is roughly 25% of the total.

Year 2 – Add Roof or Patio Cover

Add protection from the sun and rain the second year with a roofing or patio cover.  Make sure you select a design that allows for building out to a full-fledged sunroom. Your costs for the cover portion of the project is also roughly 25% of the total.

Year 3 – Complete Walls and Finishings

Finish your sunroom by adding walls or a screen system. At this stage, you’ll finish framing out the room. Depending on your design, you’ll install walls, windows or screens. This is also when the electrical and HVAC is finished if necessary. Flooring, lighting, painting and furnishing are also completed at this stage. If you want to heat and cool the space year around, HVAC work will be completed at this stage. The wall systems will account for 40% of your costs for the project while miscellaneous items, electrical, potential heating cooling represent another 10%.

Total cost percentages are rough estimates only and will vary depending on the job.

The Power Of Planning

Above all, you need to know your end goal. If your builder doesn’t know you want to add on later, a deck or patio may not be built strong enough to hold a sunroom. Or, a roof or patio cover could be built that doesn’t allow for glass walls later. Proper planning helps keep project costs lower.

The most important aspect of sunroom planning is to work with an experienced, reliable contractor who will work with you from start to finish. Online estimates vary widely due to the many options available. You can even buy a sunroom “kit” at a retail home improvement store. However, neither the online estimate nor the teenager working at the big box store will be able to advise you on any special considerations posed by your property, existing impediments or utilities, or how to integrate a sunroom with your current structure.

As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait, particularly if you’re willing to think outside the box. If you are thinking of adding a sunroom, download our
Complete Guide to Sunroom Styles
. This comprehensive guide will help you plan your new sunroom. Or contact us today for a FREE, in-home quote.