Employee Labor vs Subcontractor Labor

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If you want to enhance and beautify your home, it’s always best to hire an experienced residential remodeling contractor. Besides saving you time and effort from risky DIYs, you’re sure to receive excellent results from professional services.

When remodeling your home, your contractor may hire experts to do certain jobs, like plumbing and electrical services. While some contractors subcontract this type of work, others have employees who work for them. Read on to learn more.

What Is an Employee and a Subcontractor?
Both employees and subcontractors can do similar types of residential remodeling services when they’re hired. But, there are certain differences between them, like how often they work, what their resources are, and what their relationship with the contractor is. Here’s what you need to know:

Work Schedule
An employee is someone permanently employed by a contractor to work full-time or part-time. Because of this, when and how often they work are pre-arranged, which ensures their job is finished on time. On the other hand, a subcontractor has full freedom over their work schedule. So, they may take breaks between your job and another job, affecting your desired timeline for your home remodel.

Since employees are part of a company, they are entitled to benefits, such as paid time off, insurance, healthcare, and worker’s compensation. Subcontractors work independently, so they must shoulder their insurance or healthcare costs when necessary.

Service After Installation
Once the project is done, there may be instances where you’ll find damage or an error in the installation that needs fixing. When this happens with a contractor who uses employee labor, the liability is on them, and you can have it serviced promptly. Meanwhile, not all subcontractors are insured, so you will shoulder any costs of negligence.

Subcontractors are only hired to do specific jobs as needed, so their relationship with your contractor is likely to be strictly business. But if your contractor uses employee labor, they are more likely to have a closer relationship with that person. With that, you can rest assured that someone professional and trustworthy will be working in your home.

Contact a Home Remodeling Contractor Near You
If you’re considering upgrading your home, learning who your residential remodeling contractor hires for certain jobs is crucial. Aside from ensuring high-quality work, it’ll also put you at ease, knowing they can be trusted in your home. For home remodeling services that use employee labor, connect with us at Home Town Restyling in Hiawatha, IA.