Fiberglass Windows – Attractive Alternative to Vinyl and Wood Windows

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For years, when it came to replacement windows homeowners’ options were limited. They could choose high maintenance, classic wood frames that had to be stained or painted regularly and had a fairly short lifespan. On the other hand, they could go with modern, more durable vinyl options that reduced window maintenance but limited their color selection. Another issue was in many cases the interior wood grain trim did not match the existing wood trim, or it looked fake, depending on the manufacturer.

Home Town Restyling is pleased to add a new option to our window replacement products offerings – fiberglass Infinity Windows by Marvin Windows. Marvin Windows is a 100-year-old company and a leader in the fiberglass window industry. Home Town Restyling was selected as their exclusive dealer for eastern Iowa due to our outstanding reputation in the area.

Customizable Window Colors and Sizes

Marvin Windows offers fiberglass windows you can customize to your home with a wood stain or faux-wood veneer to match the look of interior woodwork, opening up every window to the entire color palette. But, unlike wood windows, fiberglass windows won’t need to be stripped down and repainted every few years because they don’t chip, peel, or fade. Homeowners accustomed to vinyl windows will also appreciate this feature because factory color choices in vinyl windows tend to be limited (although there are a lot more than there used to be). In addition, every replacement window is custom fabricated to meet your home’s exact specifications – custom sizes for a custom fit.

More Durable Window Frame Material

Infinity Fiberglass Windows are made from Ultrex fiberglass – a patented, pultruded fiberglass material eight times stronger than vinyl. This extremely strong substance is made of inorganic, sustainable materials that are simply impervious to moisture or sun damage.

Just as vinyl is more durable than wood window frames, fiberglass replacement windows definitely beat vinyl windows in terms of durability. According to one study, fiberglass windows last 38 percent longer than vinyl windows. In addition to keeping your windows square and true over time, fiberglass windows also improve your home’s security against intruders.

Slimmer Window Profile

Due to the strength of the material, fiberglass windows generally allow for a narrower frame, providing an expanded view. These slimmer profiles mean more glass, more sunshine and a better view to your world. In addition, the Infinity fiberglass windows are custom manufactured with clean, mechanically bonded corners and nearly invisible seams.

Easier Operation and Window Cleaning

Since fiberglass is resistant to moisture, these windows resist the swelling, sticking and warping that can strain the hardware and make opening and closing difficult. They are also the lightest weight of the windows on the market, making window cleaning easier.

Picking out your new windows is just the beginning of a window replacement project. We can help you pull the whole project together from start to finish. Home Town Restyling offers a wide range of replacement windows for every budget and professional installers on staff to complete the project on time and on budget. We also back up everything we do with lifetime warranty. Download our FREE Window Replacement Planner and start planning like a pro.