How To Elevate Your Outdoor Space With a Pergola

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A pergola is an outdoor structure that adds comfort, functionality, and visual appeal to any home. It comes in various sizes and is typically made of aluminum, wood, or vinyl. Pergolas may be attached, arched, and freestanding, amongst other styles.

With the wide range of pergola types and styles, you can incorporate them in your next home improvement project in many ways. Read on for some pergola design ideas.

Comfy Hangout Space

Installing a pergola gives you a new spot in your home where friends and family can unwind while enjoying the fresh air. You can either upgrade the outdoor seating area on your patio or create an entirely new living space in your backyard.

Aside from comfy seating, cushions, and a table, you can add curtains you can unravel whenever you want more privacy or you can get motorized shades. There is also a motorized pergola option to shield the area from the sun and rain.

Outdoor Dining Area

A pergola addition is ideal if you’re fond of hosting barbeque parties or you simply enjoy having lunch or dinner outdoors. You can opt for a pergola that provides more shade or even add ceiling fans for further comfort and relaxation during your meals.

If you have a spacious backyard, you may also include an outdoor kitchen, so everyone can sit and chat while the food is still being cooked. To find out the feasibility of your outdoor pergola ideas, consult an expert.

Poolside Pergola

While summer is the perfect time for a dip in the pool, not everyone enjoys being under the sun the whole day. Adding a pergola near the pool area adds adequate shade that will keep you comfortable during extremely hot days. This addition can also serve as a lounging space for everyone when they’re tired of swimming and want to have some snacks or drinks.

For added convenience, you can also opt for a motorized pergola. With a simple push of a button, you can control its automated movable roofs to allow the right amount of sunshine in or protect you from a sudden downpour.

Garden Addition

Make your garden more eye-catching by adding a pergola. Besides supporting your potted or trailing plants, it may also serve as a beautiful entryway to your backyard.

Reach Out to a Trusted Remodeling Contractor

Elevate your outdoor space with these pergola design ideas. If you are unsure which type of pergola is most suitable for your home or want to learn more about your options, consult an experienced residential contractor. Contact us at Home Town Restyling in Hiawatha, IA to learn about our home remodeling services.