Trends in Kitchen Countertops in 2021

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Are you looking to do a mid-year kitchen remodel? A great way to improve the look of your kitchen space is to update your kitchen countertops. Modernize your kitchen space even more by following what is in style this year. Read on to learn about popular kitchen countertop trends in 2021.

  • Quartz

The number one material for countertops this year is quartz. Homeowners still prefer this crystalline mineral to other types of countertops. Quartz is very durable and resistant to scratches. It is also non-porous, unlike other alternatives like granite, so it does not stain easily and is easier to clean. It is quite low-maintenance since you do not have to reseal it regularly as opposed to more porous countertops.

Quartz adapts to various kitchen décor styles. Since it is machine-made, you have various patterns and colors to choose from. It can even be made to resemble a natural marble surface, albeit more scratch-resistant.

  • Veins and Swirls

Visually textured countertops are trending in 2021. Homeowners have been choosing intricate patterns and veining lately over more plain-looking surfaces or those patterns with simple speckle designs only. Typically, veining and swirls are found in naturally occurring rocks like onyx and marble. However, manufacturers now make quartz countertops mimic the kind of texture of those rocks. Veined surfaces with intricate patterns are now more accessible.

Intricate veining and swirls add more character to your kitchen counter. A kitchen countertop with bolder colors that drastically contrast is used as the accent piece for the entire kitchen space.

  • Sustainable Surfaces

Homeowners have been considering making their homes more environmentally friendly. People have noticed sustainable materials to integrate into their homes. Even for countertops, manufacturers now create sustainable alternatives for more traditional mined minerals.

One notable material is the recycled glass surface. It is made of small bits of glass, usually from demolished buildings and other construction recycling efforts, that have been bound with a cement or petroleum base. This material comes in speckled patterns of various sizes and color combinations.

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