Navigating Your Home Improvement Project Timeline in 2022

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The start of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a high consumer demand for home remodeling projects. Since most people are required to stay indoors, they started to notice some areas of the house that they need or want to improve. As the demand for home improvement and the construction industry rises, companies struggle to keep up with incoming projects.

If you plan to get your house redesigned, get a room extension, or an entire kitchen makeover, take note of the following home remodeling issues you might encounter. Listed below are the pandemic-related setbacks that can cause delays in home improvement projects.

  1. Supply Shortages

During COVID-19, supplies in almost all industries are stretched to their limits. Due to the limited availability of materials, time, and laborers, tons of orders have been delayed. Supply chain issues, as well as limited choices and selections, are some of the home remodeling challenges you will face when planning to redesign your space.

  1. Shipping Delays

Expect that your project timelines will be adjusted due to delays in lead times and shipping dates during the pandemic. Many suppliers and manufacturers are constantly changing their ordering processes, adjusting their operating hours, and facing labor shortages. Therefore, the time to complete a home remodeling project will also get affected. If you can, plan your purchases ahead by making pre-orders and allocating a few days on your schedule.

  1. Longer Remodeling Timeline

Due to the delay on shipping dates, other factors such as installation, preparation, finishing touches, or the construction itself will also get affected. The entirety of your home remodeling timeline will be moved to a later date. Any reliable home improvement contractor is looking at around 6 to 12 months of delays in turnaround times due to various pandemic-related setbacks.

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