Aging in Place Bathrooms: Home Ideas for Elderly Seniors

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Bathrooms can be unsafe for senior citizens. As people age, many tend to develop different types of mobility issues. They often have an increased risk for injury due to accidental trips and falls, especially in a space that has a slippery surface like the bathroom.

To ensure that older family members have an easier time doing daily bathroom activities, you should upgrade the space and add some features to make it safer. Read on to learn about some practical bathroom modifications for the elderly.

Replacing Tubs With a Walk-in Shower.

A great way to make your bathing area safer is to completely remove your traditional bathtub and replace it with a new walk-in shower. It’s because traditional bathtubs or tub-shower combos are often a tripping hazard for those with mobility issues. It can be very difficult for them to step over a high wall to get into the bathing area. Their foot can get caught on the threshold, causing them to trip and fall.

Meanwhile, a person with mobility issues can easily step into a walk-in shower with less trouble. It is almost completely open, usually featuring just a curtain or glass enclosure that one can easily push aside. The barrier between the bathroom floor and the bathing area is also only a couple of inches off the ground.

Many prefab walk-in shower models also have a bench area for senior family members who are uncomfortable standing for long periods. Some units do not come with this feature, but you can easily fit a shower chair as many walk-in showers have enough open space.

Installing Safety Rails

Safety rails or grab bars are a simple yet effective way to make your bathroom more secure for a person with mobility problems. Placing them in strategic positions around the bathroom helps the individual support themselves while using the space.

You can put these features near the toilet or tub to aid people when standing up or sitting down. You can also place them along the main wall to make sure anyone has something they can hold on to while moving around.

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