3 Signs You Need to Renovate Your Bathroom

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If your home is getting older, you may be wondering if you should call a bathroom remodeler to update the bathing or powder room on your property. There are several signs that indicate that it’s time to renovate your bathroom. Read on to learn about them.

Musty Smells

Does your bathroom have an old, musty smell you can’t seem to get rid of no matter how much you clean it? Then, you should definitely consider renovating the space. These odors are often caused by a persistent mold and mildew problem. Although you can scrub down your bathroom until there are no visible traces of fungi left, the recurring smell indicates that the microorganisms have already penetrated the exterior layer of the bathroom tiles. They are already growing on the wall or the floor under the tiling.

The only way to get rid of the smell is to renovate the space and remove the tiling to treat the affected surfaces. This can also be a great opportunity to analyze your setup to see if any bathroom design issues encourage mold growth, such as lack of ventilation or poor placement of fixtures.

Lack of Storage Space

If you find that hygiene products and cleaning solutions are cluttering your bathroom counter, your current layout may not be working for you. Although you could store them in other parts of the house to keep them out of the way, it’s more convenient to place these products where you would use them. You should renovate the bathroom and install more storage space, such as additional cabinets and shelves or a more spacious vanity. This way, you can easily access all the products you need while keeping the entire area free of clutter. Make sure to provide a bit of extra storage space so that you have room for additional items in the future.

An Upcoming Resale

Are you planning to sell your house? Real estate experts will tell you that the first thing buyers consider is the state of your kitchen or bathroom. These areas can often make or break the sale. So, whether you need a minor or major renovation, it’s best to update the space and make it look new and attractive for your potential buyer.

A renovated bathroom will also add to the overall value of your home. Studies show that an overhauled bathroom has a return on investment of 60% at resale. If you’re looking to sell your property at a higher price, a newly renovated bathroom can help increase the resale value.

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