Advantages of a Sunroom Addition Over a Screened-In Wooden Porch

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Have you always wanted to extend your home’s floor area and make better use of your backyard? Then a sunroom is a feature you should consider building on your property. It has several advantages over other similar additions such as a wooden screen-in porch. Read on to learn about the benefits of a sunroom vs. screened-in porch.

It is Easier to Maintain.

Sunrooms are often considered easier to maintain than wooden screen-in porches. Screened-in wooden porches are still somewhat exposed to the outdoors. Although the screen keeps out bigger pieces of debris, it still has small holes where dust and other small particles can enter. You will have to regularly clean the porch to prevent dirt from accumulating in the area.

In the event of a strong storm, water will eventually leak in through the screen. Wood in a screened-in porch often does not do well when exposed to high levels of moisture and can develop water damage. You will have to maintain the finish of the wood to make it more resistant to moisture.

With a sunroom, water and dust will not be a problem. It is usually completely closed off from the outdoors, especially if it does not have windows that can open. This indoor area will be protected from the elements because the room is sealed. Sunroom frames from suppliers like LivingSpace and Temo are also made of vinyl and fiberglass or polystyrene. Unlike wood, these materials are resistant to water damage and do not rot.

It Provides a Clearer View.

Sunrooms provide an unobstructed view of your surroundings. Although you can somewhat see the outdoors from your screened-in wooden porch, the lattice can make your surroundings look a little hazy. From some angles, it can even completely obstruct the view.

Meanwhile, sunrooms use clear glass windows. You can enjoy the outdoor scenery from almost any angle within the space.

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