Tips for Surviving a Bathroom or Kitchen Remodel

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Wood Cabinets in Newly Remodeled Kitchen

When you’re considering remodeling your home, picturing the finished project is exciting. But the process to get there can feel very daunting, especially if you’re remodeling a room you use multiple times a day, like a kitchen or a bathroom. When you decide to do a kitchen or bathroom remodel, it takes strategic planning to ensure the project doesn’t become too much of a headache for you and your family. 

Below we’ve highlighted our helpful tips and tricks on surviving a bathroom or kitchen remodel. With these easy pointers, you can minimize disruptions to your everyday life. It will also make achieving your ideal kitchen or bathroom less of a burden and more of a dream come true.


Male contractor working on the grout in a bathroom remodel

Tip 1: Understand Your Timeline

Having open communication with your contractors will always help make the remodeling process go smoothly. Your contractor should provide a detailed timeline of how long the project should take and what it will entail. Knowing this information will help you plan for long-term and short-term accommodations. You’ll also know exactly what areas in your home you may still be able to use and what areas to avoid. 

When in constant contact with your contractors, you can also better track your expenses. Sometimes after diving into a project, homeowners realize they want to make additional changes after the project is in motion. When this happens, it’s important to work with a remodeling team you trust and can have open conversations with.


Cooler packed with food

Tip 2: Plan Makeshift Options or Arrange Other Plans 

Being unable to use the most utilized spaces in your home for an extended time can add stress to your life. Fortunately, there are some quick fixes and temporary alternatives you can turn to during this time to make remodeling easier. 

When remodeling your kitchen, consider fabricating a mini kitchenette elsewhere in your house. If you have a fridge in your garage or a mini bar, you can keep snacks or meals easily accessible. You can also use a cooler and continue to restock with ice as you go. 

Finding a place to set up a microwave will also give you more meal options while your other appliances are out of commission. Planning a kitchen remodel during the warmer months means you can utilize your grill for meal preparation. Many clients also find using disposable silverware and plates to be helpful during kitchen remodels so cleanup is easier. 

Bathroom remodels usually take less time, which is especially beneficial for those who don’t have another bathroom in their home to utilize. If this is the case for your family, you can use other sinks in your home for hand washing and teeth brushing. Stocking up on travel essentials like dry shampoo and body spray can also be helpful. If you are unable to get by without a bathroom space, some clients use the facilities at their gym or even make hotel arrangements until their project is completed.


Woman labeling storage containers with a marker

Tip 3: Cleanup and Organize the Items in the Room

Before your remodeling project begins, you’ll want to make sure you clear out any items that might get in the way. You’ll also want to pack away anything you use daily or may want to use during construction. Once contractors have started the remodeling process, it can be tricky—or even unsafe—to re-enter the room to grab anything you have forgotten. 

To make things easier, track the preparation process in an organized way. Using clear totes and storing similar items together will make accessing what you need simple and will streamline the unpacking process after the remodel. If you aren’t using clear totes, tape a quick reference list to the outside of a colored tote. Using waterproof bags can be helpful for your shower items that are still wet or for your dishwashing essentials. 

Now is the perfect time to reassess your essential items and pare down any expired or unused items. It’s also a great opportunity to clean the appliances on your countertop or any surfaces that may have been covered. But don’t spend too much time deep cleaning. Though your space will get messy during the remodeling process, post-remodeling cleanup is often easier when you’ve already done a quick spot-cleaning.


Bathroom window tapped off with plastic to contain remodeling mess

Tip 4: Control the Mess 

The remodeling process can get messy—especially if there’s a lot of demolition or rebuilding. To control the dust and mess, you can work with your contractors to tape up a plastic tarp. This can be helpful when working on kitchens that are part of an open-concept layout. Your remodeling team will likely do a quick touchup on the working area each night so it doesn’t become too overwhelming. As a homeowner, you’ll also want to keep an eye on any connecting rooms or hallways and perform your own cleanup for any dust or debris. 

Another perk of cleaning out the rooms before the remodel is you don’t have to worry about dust buildup on your appliances, toilet paper, or soap dispensers—the things you may forget to clear out of the room beforehand. If there are heavy items that need to stay in the room, consider covering and taping them with a plastic tarp. It’s important to make sure nothing is holding your contractors back from creating a new and improved space. 

As you’re controlling the mess in the room, you should also think about how to keep your pets and children safe. If the remodeling project takes multiple days to complete, contractors will often be in the middle of projects at the end of the day, including gluing tile. If you have curious little ones in your house, you might want to block off the room after your contractors have gone home. 

To do this, you can use baby gates, move furniture, or lock doors to make the room off-limits. This will not only help keep your pets and children safe, but it will also help prevent your contractors from having to redo any work or have any setbacks.


 Woman relaxing on a couch listening to music and scrolling on her phone

Tip 5: Find Your Getaway Space 

Sometimes it can feel like a remodeling project is taking over your whole house. It might feel like you’re unable to escape the noise and mess. When undergoing an extensive remodel, we always advise that clients find a space in their home that’s a no-construction zone. It can be a room on the opposite end of the house or on a different level that provides space to escape and relax. This makes the remodeling process feel more tolerable so you can focus on your excitement for the finished product.


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