Is It Time to Remodel YOUR Bathroom?

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Homeowners are all different. Some people strive to make their home reflect their personal style from the day they move in and can’t rest until the remodeling and decorating is done. Others have different priorities and can live with the less than perfect décor for a good, long time. However, we find that there comes a time when even the most laid-back homeowners know when it’s time to remodel your bathroom.

Outdated Styles

From harvest gold bathtubs to bright, brass fixtures, many bathrooms are totally out of touch with the times. We talk to many people still dealing with worn out bathroom fixtures and dated décor that goes back to the 70s and 80s. Even those eye-popping primary colors so popular in the 90s have worn out their welcome for many people.

When the basic functionality of your bathroom still works but you can’t stand the look anymore, a good home improvement contractor can offer several solutions for modernizing your bathroom.

Resale Value

Another incentive homeowners have to remodel the bathroom is the potential for a higher home resale value. We say potential because bathroom remodels and renovations don’t always spike your home’s resale value. An ugly bathroom can be a deal breaker in any home sale but an elaborate remodel may not pay off. If resale value is your primary motivation, be sure to talk to a real estate professional in your area to see what comparable homes are offering to get a feel for what a realistic return on your bathroom remodel investment might be.

The Grunge Factor

The difficulty of keeping and old bathroom looking clean and smelling fresh is another big motivator for a bathroom remodel. Mold, mildew, stained grout and crumbling caulk all make it tough to get the shine that makes a bathroom inviting. Even the most particular of housekeepers spend far too much time scrubbing their old tubs and showers only to have mold and mildew come back the next week. And that musty smell that never seems to go away? That may be a sign of mold and mildew in the walls and the subfloor – a significant health hazard.

Sometimes pulling out the old fixtures, cleaning up what lies beneath, replacing everything  and buttoning it up tight with top notch sealants is the only way to combat the grunge factor. But it’s not nearly as daunting as it sounds. Many bath and shower replacement projects can now be completed in just a couple of days using quality products like Bath Planet.

Bathroom Safety and Accessibility

Traditional bathtubs and showers can be a hazard for homeowners with mobility issues but with a remodel a few simple and surprisingly affordable changes, many people are able to stay in their home much longer. Updates can include design options like tub-to-shower conversions, showers with built-in seating or step-through inserts that make entering and exiting the wet area easier. Compared to the cost of assisted living centers and nursing homes, bathroom remodeling for accessibility and aging in place is definitely a more affordable option than leaving home.

If there is a bathroom remodeling project in your future, Home Town Restyling can help. Download our free Bath Tub and Shower Replacement Guide for more information.