Top Home Improvements Before the Holidays

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The holidays are just around the corner. During this time, homeowners start to prepare their houses for the coming gatherings and celebrations. Many of them remodel or renovate their spaces to make them more functional and look presentable. By the time the holidays roll in, their home is ready to receive guests. Read on to find out about two of the top home improvement ideas for the season.

Kitchen Upgrades

A kitchen remodel is one of the most common undertakings for homeowners preparing for the holidays. This area of the house is often busy throughout the season since most gatherings are not complete without great food. Party hosts need to make sure that this space is conducive for many hours of cooking meals for guests.

The kitchen layout can be updated to improve the flow of movement from one stage of meal preparation to the next. Additional storage can also be strategically placed around the area and fixtures and appliances can also be upgraded to make sure everything is working well and ready for use.

Aside from functional updates, homeowners also focus on cosmetic improvements to the kitchen since it is an area that guests will frequent. For example, installing a backsplash can add more character to the cooking area while helping make cleanup easier. Refinishing and painting surfaces can also make the space look new.

Bathroom Improvements

One more area that will be frequently used by both members of the household and guests is the bathroom. Homeowners include a bathroom remodel in their list of holiday home improvements to make sure the area caters to the needs of their guests and looks clean and presentable.

If the house is already a couple of years old, it will definitely show in the appearance of the bathroom. Fixtures like faucets and showerheads can tarnish and tile grout can accumulate dirt. Replacing these features can instantly make the bathroom look more modern and inviting.

Homeowners also add more luxury features to their bathrooms. Some popular fixtures these days are extended height vanities and toilets. To add, things such as a heated towel rack or a shower spa can help house guests feel more pampered and make their stay more memorable.

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