Signs You Should Replace Your Windows

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Winter is just around the corner. As a homeowner, one should prepare for colder months by checking if the house is properly insulated. This involves inspecting your windows and seeing if they’re still functional. If they’re no longer in good condition, you will need a window renovation expert to replace them. Read on to learn about a few telltale signs that you should get new windows.


Do you feel a breeze blowing even when you don’t have a fan on and the windows are shut? It’s likely that there’s still a gap on your window that’s letting a draft into your home. If the reason for this is a faulty seal, you may only need to replace the affected glass pane. But, when the problem is within the structure itself or how it was installed, you’ll have to get everything replaced to help you keep your home comfortable and insulated.

Higher Power Bills

If you’ve noticed that your power bills are significantly higher this year than in the past, there’s a chance that you have a problem with your windows. Any cracks or gaps can let outdoor air seep in, affecting your house’s internal temperature. Your HVAC system has to compensate for the constant changes caused by these breaches in your home insulation, which makes it consume more power. Install new vinyl or fiberglass windows with energy-efficient panes and you will see a significant difference in your power bills.

Deteriorating Frames

A window frame that looks old and deteriorated may have more than just surface problems. Aside from creating fractures and gaps that let the air in, the decay may have affected the integrity of its structure and weakened it. It’ll be hazardous to use a window with a feeble frame that can potentially break when force is applied to it. You have to get a full window renovation to install newer and sturdier frames.

Update Your Windows Now

Get in touch with Home Town Restyling in Iowa to have new frames and panes installed before winter rolls around. We are a reliable home renovation and window installation contractor that can provide you with high-quality materials and services.