Who Are You Trusting In Your Home? Sub-Contractors vs Employee Labor

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When you are working on a construction project in your home, whether major or minor, it is important to know who is coming into your home to perform the work. Different contractors employ different means of labor in order to complete jobs. Some contractors use subcontractors to perform jobs. Other contractors hire employee labor and perform all tasks in-house. When choosing a contractor, it is important to know whether they will be using subcontractors or employee labor. This person(s) will be in your home, around your pets, your belongings, children, and even some days when you aren’t home. Who you have in your home is vitally important these days so make sure you trust the company you hire. 


Many contractors do not use employee labor, instead choosing to subcontract the job to other vendors. That means that while you may think the contractor that you chose is trustworthy, they may be employing subcontractors who you do not know or have never spoken to. So why do contractors use subcontractors at all? If a contractor is incapable of performing part of a job with their own team, they will be forced to use subcontractors to finish the job. Another reason a contractor would outsource the work is that it is much cheaper to do so than hiring an employee. 

Unfortunately, there could be many unforeseen problems with subcontractors. The key point about subcontractors is that they form agreements with the contractor, not with the customer. Since you don’t have the opportunity to speak with subcontractors the way you do with your main contractor, you may not know who is actually coming into your home to perform the job or the quality of the job is after it’s completed. 

Employee Labor

Other contractors who do not use subcontractors will complete the job with employee labor. The relationship between employer and employee is more complex and extensive than that of a business owner and subcontractor. Employees are typically trained by the main contractor, who has complete control over his employee labor force. When a contractor works with employee labor, you can be sure that the employees are properly trained and vetted to work in your home. 

Unlike subcontractors, employees are held to a higher standard that is enforceable by the contractor. For example, because they aren’t employees, subcontractors may abandon work or display unprofessional behavior while at work, with no way for the contractor to discipline them if they create difficulties around the project. Furthermore, you can trust your contractor’s employees to be punctual, professional, and experts in their fields.

When working with a subcontractor, negligence/insurance will fall onto the homeowner’s policy. If you use employee-owned labor (HTR), the liability goes to the company – worker’s comp, and the homeowner is not liable. Most often, a subcontractor does not have the necessary insurance and the homeowner is liable for any accidents on their property. 

Choosing the Right Contractor

When choosing your contractor, be sure to ask if they will be using subcontractors or employee labor. Contractors that use employee labor, such as the professionals at Home Town Restyling, always know exactly who will be working in your home. All of our employees are thoroughly vetted with a background check so you can trust that anyone we bring into your home is professional and responsible. With Home Town Restyling, you can be sure that your home is always cleaned up after the job is done. Working with a licensed, experienced, and knowledgeable contractor who employs their own workers is the most important thing to look for when hiring a contractor. Give Home Town Restyling a call today to get started on your next project.