Why Replace Your Windows?

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There are signs to look for when it’s time to replace your old windows. Older windows allow water damage to seep inside especially those in cooler climates such as Iowa where a glaze or ice may form inside the window or in between a double pane. If water can leak inside your house consider the creepy crawlers from the outside finding their way in between the crevices of your window frames.

Depending on the moisture outside the window frame could chip, rot and deteriorate which will lead to an increase in your energy bill. Also if the frame shows significant wear and you are unable to open and shut the window properly you can place your family at risk if there’s a fire or flood. Once a window weakens then outside noise can then become an issue as well as drafts seeping in through closed windows, which will also increase heating and cooling cost.

Home Town Restyling can replace your windows with long lasting high quality vinyl windows and frames. Why choose vinyl over wood? For several reasons as wood rots, shrinks, warps and swells. Vinyl windows are impervious to water and will not rot nor rust. Vinyl windows also prevent heat loss better than wood or aluminum windows.

By choosing Home Town Restyling to replace your old windows you receive a manufacturer’s lifetime transferable warranty as well as a 20-year workmanship warranty as Home Town Restyling does not outsource installation but uses our own trained and certified window installer technicians to replace your windows.

Most window use hollow frames, which does not seal the windows properly. Home Town Restyling uses insulated frames with the same type of materials used on refrigerator doors. That locks the window and frame tight, which keeps the heat and cold drafts from seeping into your home.

If you wish to save up to 25% or more on your utility bill then consider the high quality vinyl window and frames offered by Home Town Restyling . The tighter insulation is weather resistant as well as insect proof. Vinyl windows and frames are maintenance free and do not deteriorate.

When it comes time to replacing the windows in your home remember that Home Town Restyling delivers high quality windows, excellent service, long-term warranties and a variety of window designs to choose from.