Window Replacement: Cost of Shoddy Installation

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The cost of replacement windows often gives people sticker shock so it’s not surprising that people’s initial reaction is to try to minimize their installation costs. Deals too good to be true like “Free Installation with Purchase of 5 (or 10 or 20) Windows” are designed to attract these cost-conscious consumers with offers of short-term savings.

However, what homeowners should really be concerned about is whether these bargain basement dealers will stand behind their installation once that low-cost crew drives away? And even more important, will the manufacturer stand behind the product if the low cost crew doesn’t install the product correctly? Many consumers are not aware that if replacement windows are not properly installed, in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty, the warranty becomes void and cost of either fixing the problems or replacement falls entirely on the homeowner.

So what’s the worst that could happen with a poor window installation? Here are four problem areas that typically arise over time from poorly installed windows.

Poor Thermal Performance
If you want to keep the heat from your furnace and cool from your air conditioner inside your home where it belongs, you must pay attention to the insulation around your windows. Without properly installed insulation around your window frames, drafts will enter into your home in the colder seasons and heat and humidity will get in when it’s hot. In addition, improperly installed windows and doors can cause stress on the frame and sash, compromising the window seal. Once the seal is gone, your window will no longer be insulated or performing properly.

Air Infiltration
Windows and doors play a key role in keeping you safe and comfortable even on the windiest day. Improperly installed windows can lead to air infiltration resulting in cold drafts and temperature variances within a room. When this happens, homeowners often have to adjust the thermostat to achieve their desired temperature. Sealing and properly insulating the perimeter of the frame helps drafts from blowing in around the window. It’s also critical that your installer includes adequate seals and makes sure the windows close properly.

Water Damage
Again, getting the seals right is critical to a window installation. Once the seal around the window is broken, water will have easy access into your home, and your windows will not be able to perform efficiently. In addition, excessive moisture can cause damage to the wall structure, weakening the support and seal around the window even further. To avoid this, your window installer should incorporate a water barrier and water drainage plane so there are no water leaks around the frame of the window.

Poor Sound Control
An often overlooked benefit of new windows is noise reduction. The window itself offers some outside noise reduction but proper insulation around the perimeter also makes a big difference in reducing outside noise. A poorly balanced and anchored window or door may also squeak or groan from wind and air pressure, causing more noise issues.

If it’s time to replace all or some of your home’s windows, stop by or contact us with any questions. We’d be happy to help. You can also download our FREE Window Replacement Checklist to learn what else you need to know and start planning for your new windows like a pro.

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