Window Replacement in Newer Homes

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People don’t think about it a lot, but windows are a crucial element to the comfort, safety and appearance of any home. When your windows are functioning smoothly, conserving energy and looking great, they don’t get noticed much.

Let’s face it, rarely does someone walk into a home and exclaim, “Wow, love those double hungs! Where did you get those bad boys?”

The life expectancy of residential windows used to be around 30-40 years, but that’s rarely the case anymore. Most construction companies install builder grade windows. To keep the cost of building new homes down, construction budgets often only accommodate lower end window packages, purchased in bulk as part of an entire development project.

These construction grade windows may look as good as all the other houses on the street when the house is new, but that doesn’t last long. We’ve had clients increasingly contacting us about window replacements for homes that are just five to ten years old.

Of course, many of these builder grade windows have a 10-year limited warranty. Not surprisingly, ten years is often their maximum useful lifespan. If you built or purchased a home that is less than 10 years old and your windows have failed, they may still be under warranty. If so, we recommend calling your builder to what is covered.

We want to give you fair warning though – chances are if your windows have a pro-rated warranty, there won’t be much value left under the agreement. Click here to learn more about how most product warranties work.

Signs It’s Time To Replace New Construction Windows

Many homeowners decide to replace builder grade windows with higher quality windows because they are experiencing some of the following problems:

  • High and/or rising utility costs cause by air leakage or cold drafts
  • Lack of insulation or poor installation
  • Moisture damage around the frames
  • Noise pollution
  • Fogginess between the windows panes caused by a broken seals
  • Malfunctioning hardware making it difficult to lock, open or close windows
  • Faded carpet or furniture caused by the sun due to insufficient window coating

Of course, not every issue with your windows demands a complete replacement. Some issues can be resolved with a simple repair. But others can’t be fixed, and when one or more of these issues affect your windows, it is time to make that investment in your home.

At Home Town Restyling, we have a wide range of replacement windows for every budget and professional installers on staff to complete the project on time and on budget. We also back up everything we do with a lifetime warranty. Do you have more questions about replacement window projects? Download our FREE Homeowners Guide to Replacement Windows and start planning like a pro or contact us today for a free quote.