Are you looking for a safer alternative to standing in a slippery shower every morning? Would you prefer a luxurious soak in the tub after a long day? With our shower to tub conversion from Bath Planet, you can achieve the stylishly functional bathroom you’ve been dreaming of! In as little as one day, we’ll remodel your bathroom to perfectly fit your bathing and style needs.

Our unique process and superior bathtub materials allow us to replace your existing wet area with a brand-new, top-quality tub-shower in a fraction of the time of a traditional remodel. Our professional bathroom remodeling contractor team doesn’t use a one-size fits all model! Instead, we take detailed measurements and photos of your bathroom, designing a bathtub that suits your tastes while fitting seamlessly into your shower space.

A bath conversion from Bath Planet eliminates the hassle and high price tag of other bathroom remodels. Our tub-shower combinations are created using extremely durable acrylic, making them as long-lasting as they are tasteful and stylish. The non-porous material also makes them low-maintenance and ready to withstand the tests of time.

With a variety of style and color options, finding a tub-shower combo in Iowa that matches your home is easy! As a trusted Eastern Iowa home remodeling company, Home Town Restyling offers the highest-quality surrounds at a price you can afford, and we stand by our work – offering a limited lifetime warranty on all of our bathtub conversions.

Why Should You Get a Tub-Shower Combo?

It offers flexibility – Having a bathtub and shower combo offers you and your family more options for bathing. You can either soak in a relaxing bath or have a quick shower if you’re pressed for time. You can choose whichever bathing option suits your particular needs.

It is great for one-bathroom homes – Having a shower and tub combo is good for houses that don’t have space for a second bathroom. It allows you to fully utilize your floor space by having a bathroom that has multiple functionalities.

It can increase your home’s value – Realtors will tell you that potential homebuyers are attracted to houses with bathtubs. It is especially appealing to families with young children, as it makes bathing easier for the kids. Your home will fetch a higher market price and get the attention of more buyers.

Bath Planet Benefits

  • Non-porous and easy to clean.
  • Resistant to mold and mildew.
  • Triple-lock seal to prevent water from seeping under your new shower.
  • All Bath Planet products are custom fit to your shower for an air-tight fit.
  • Includes a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Update your bathroom today! Contact the Home Town Restyling team for a bathtub or shower remodel. We offer services to Eastern Iowa communities.