Bringing Outdoor Living Ideas To Life – Backyard Building Projects

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Outdoor living ideas continue to grow in popularity for eastern Iowa homeowners this year. Fortunately, adding architectural elements like decks, pavilions, patio rooms and pergolas can turn your home into an oasis of comfort and style without breaking the bank. Whether you are adding a nice grilling area, an outdoor bar for relaxing and tipping a few beverages, or a poolside platform for swimmers and sunbathers, these structures will add value to your lifestyle and home.

Which Backyard Building Project is Right For You?

Decks – A deck is great for so many things – from connecting your home to your pool or hot tub area, providing dining and entertaining space, or just enjoying a quiet sunset. Open air decks come in many different styles. There are simple walk-outs, wraparound decks, and multi-level structures available. You also have a variety of materials to choose from.

In addition to wood and vinyl decking, many homeowners are also looking to add metal and aluminum railings and posts for a more modern look. Our maintenance free decks are our most popular option. They come in many colors and plans and since they are made of high-quality cellular PVC, there’s no need for painting, staining or sealing.

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– Sometimes referred to as an arbor, a pergola’s unique structure creates a beautiful, partially shaded patio area for your home’s outdoor spaces. This can be attached to your home, incorporated into your deck or built as a free-standing unit. The “roof” consists of horizontal planks, left flat and open. There are also operable pergolas available for more protection from the sun or rain. Our pergolas are crafted from heavy-duty, fully extruded aluminum, which offers superior strength capability and a beautiful appearance throughout the years.Pergolas


Pavilions / Patio Covers – If you are looking for more shade and a complete roof, a pavilion or patio cover may be the way to go. These beautiful structures provide usable space for dining and casual gatherings or perhaps a practical place to park extra vehicles. With a fully engineered roof and solid foundation, these structures will provide much needed shade on your patio while protecting you from rain and providing more privacy than an open deck or pergola. In many cases, you also have the option to add sunroom walls later.

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The possibilities for outdoor living innovation are endless. Demand also is up for features like integrated benches, custom cushions and accent pillows, storage components and lighting. As more homeowners become aware of the style, comfort and practicality of extending interior spaces to their outdoor living areas we expect that the desire to integrate indoor and outdoor living will continue to grow.

Any new structure for your home will improve curb appeal and increase the value of your home as long as it’s done right. A licensed and insured contractor should always handle major home improvements. For more information about finding the best local contractor for your next home improvement project, download this FREE Guide, Iowa Contractor Comparison Guide – How to Make Your Remodeling Project a Success. For more information about adding a new deck to your home, download the Complete Guide to Deck Styles and Trends on the latest in deck trends for your back yard.