Top Home Projects to Increase Your Home’s Value

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If you’ve ever thought about selling your home, you’ve likely wondered which home improvement projects are worth completing, in other words, what will help increase your home’s value. 

Should you remodel the shower, add the sunroom, or replace the doors? Is a kitchen or basement remodel worth it? What about my siding?

We’ve done the homework to create an easy step-by-step guide (based on national data) to give you quick insights into what buyers are looking for today. Because, as we all know, the market has changed and buyers’ thoughts on remodels have followed. Today’s home buyers are pickier than ever, particularly when considering purchasing an older home. In the past, projects like outdated bathrooms, older windows, or even worn-down decks might have been seen as reasonable fixer-up projects to do after the home was purchased. Now those can be dealbreakers. That’s because buyers looking at older homes are also looking at newly built homes, which offer a move-in ready or turnkey buying experience. 

And while that may not feel like a fair comparison, buyers aren’t always fair. In this blog, we want to share our knowledge with you. That’s why we’ve collected data from Remodeling’s 2023 Cost vs. Value report, Home Advisor, and other top sources, to outline the best return on investments for major home remodel projects. 

Top Home Projects to Increase Your Home Value 

Outdoor Home Updates

The outside of your home is most visitors’ first impression. Is your current curb appeal working for you or against you? The way your home looks on the outside can set the tone for a home showing. Before stepping out of the car, potential homeowners assess what they like or don’t like. They decide not to even walk through the door if what they see from the street doesn’t wow them. So, before putting your home on the market you want to determine what exterior improvements might help. You can use our list below as a quick checklist to decide which updates are needed and what might wait.  

Before and after siding photos from Hometown Restyling


If your siding is chipped, hanging down, or missing in some areas, these are signs it’s time to replace your siding and will be something a potential buyer may question right away.

New home siding is one of the top ways to increase interest with potential buyers. Replacing your home siding can mean a 95% return on your investment when it comes time to sell. When you work with Hometown Restyling, our siding is selected to last a lifetime, combining form and function to create something that adds to your curb appeal. Many of our siding options are energy efficient, durable, require minimal maintenance, and are backed by warranties. Our siding comes in a variety of colors and some are even designed to appear like real wood, without any of the headaches. 

Our siding is also strong. High-powered winds are no match thanks to the ultra-thick, rolled-edge hail that can withstand Category 5 hurricane-force winds. Which, if you remember the Dercho, you know this can be important! Our siding is also insulation-backed to provide internal protection against sagging, hail damage, and noise. As a homebuyer, high-quality replacement siding is a major perk when looking for your next home. 


When it comes to home projects, windows often end up at the bottom of the to-do list. That’s because it’s often difficult to determine when they have actually reached the end of their life.  Many homeowners can tell it’s time to upgrade when they regularly receive higher-than-usual energy bills. This is a sign of cracked or improperly installed windows somewhere throughout the home. Another major sign is condensation between window panels on older windows. This usually indicates that the frame, glass, or seal is damaged or that the glazing on the window is fading. 

Replacing your current windows with vinyl windows can add an average of $13,776 in value to a home—about 69% of the cost of the project. If you’re replacing wood windows, your return on investment is slightly less. 

Whether you’re looking to change out older bay windows or want to install low-maintenance vinyl windows, new windows will make a big impact in many ways. 

When you work with us, you can pick from a variety of window styles to complement your home’s look. We offer double-hung windows, casement windows, picture windows, awning windows, sliding windows, plus bay and bow windows. New windows will not only improve your home’s value but will also reduce noise and lower overall energy costs. Unlike many of the national window companies, we offer a lifetime workmanship warranty, backed by a local team of installers and a local service department to ensure the new windows will be exceptional for years to come. This can be a huge peace of mind for homebuyers.


Replacing your exterior doors is one way to guarantee your return on investment when you decide it’s time to sell. Reports show that a new entry steel door can yield a 100% return on investment. This is especially true if the new door is of high quality and gives your home some colorful personality. 

Our insulated doors offer durability, energy efficiency, and top-notch security. We provide a variety of different door options for you to choose from including steel doors, fiberglass doors, patio doors, and french doors


Everyone loves a space to hang out outside. If your home has a space like this it is an automatic plus for homebuyers. Does your current deck make people want to sit back and relax or does it scare them off? If your deck has loose boards, wobbly railings, major cracks, or nails popping out this will make an impression on potential buyers, in the worst way. 

Industry research shows that a new deck could provide a return on investment between 40%-50% to added property value. If you work with us, we can help you get the most bang for your buck because we only use the best materials for our decking jobs. 

Our maintenance-free decks are engineered to last a lifetime. Unlike wood decks, which can cause problems with wear, our decks are made of high-quality cellar PVC. This means you (or future homeowners) will never have to worry about painting, staining, sealing, cracking, or splintering. 

Inside Updates

Most homebuyers know that a home might not check all the boxes on their wish list and that some projects may need to wait until after move-in day. However, if a project seems especially big it could scare off potential buyers. Sometimes to avoid turning off the majority of homebuyers right away, a seller might consider renovating an undeniably outdated room. Our quick list below can help you determine which interior updates are the most important to consider.

Before and after kitchen remodeling job by Hometown Restyling

Kitchen Remodel:

The kitchen is often the hub of the home. Everyone gathers there and it’s used multiple times throughout the day, so making sure your kitchen is functional will be an important consideration when deciding to sell. If your kitchen is stylish, and even has some smart features and appliances, this can stick out as a positive to homebuyers.

If you decide that a kitchen remodel is needed, making some updates is one of the best home investments you can make. Depending on the scale of kitchen renovations, you could see between a 31%-85% return on investment on your home’s value. 

Our full-service team can help you envision and create your dream kitchen remodel. Our team has a certified kitchen and bathroom designer on staff who can help homeowners pick the best tile, countertops, faucets, and make sure every detail in your kitchen works aesthetically for years to come. Our contractors will then take this vision and bring it to life backed by a lifetime workmanship warranty. 

Bathroom Remodel:

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is a popular spot within a home, especially the main bathroom. Many sellers consider a bathroom remodel before putting their home on the market if the room has outdated fixtures or the design doesn’t make the most of the space. Sometimes new lighting, wall color, or bath fixtures can make a huge difference. Small updates can make a bathroom feel bigger than it is. 

Depending on how extensive your bathroom remodel is, reports show that you could see between a 36%-66% return on investment reflected in your home’s value. If you add an additional bathroom you could see a 30% return on investment. Bathrooms are often major considerations for homebuyers, usually the number one question for them is if the bath and shower fixtures are accessible for their families’ needs or not. 

No matter the size of your bathroom, we can help design a plan that fits your needs and budget to create a functional and stylish space. We work with our partner Bath Planet to offer low-hassle and affordable solutions to bathroom remodeling. Our services include walk-in showers, tub/shower combos, and barrier-free showers. Our team can also help with custom tiling, bathroom vanity and countertop installation, faucet and toilet installation, and full bathroom tear-out and remodels. 

Finished Basement:

Today the majority of newly built homes are being sold with unfinished basements. This is a huge way your home could compete with other homes in the market. On average, finishing a basement could provide a 70%-75% return on investment. A finished basement adds more living space for more bedrooms and bathrooms. It can also allow the space to incorporate additional perks like a home office, playrooms, a home gym, a full-size wet bar, and many others. These are huge selling points for your home.

Our team can help you with every aspect of a basement finishing project by mapping out each room and organizing all the details.  We can handle everything from adding rooms, constructing a bar, hooking up plumbing for a bathroom, and more.   


Sunrooms are a feature that instantly sticks out as a positive to homebuyers. We aren’t saying you need to add a sunroom addition before selling your home, but if you have been considering adding a sunroom to your home, this is your sign that it could increase your home’s value when it is time to sell. 

Sunrooms allow you to experience the beauty of the outdoors while still enjoying the comforts of the indoors. The average return on a sunroom investment is about 50% of the addition’s cost, according to HomeAdvisor. Our team specializes in all-season sunrooms and three-season sunrooms as well as a variety of design options including, cathedral sunrooms, studio sunrooms, and enclosed existing screen rooms. No matter which option you’re drawn to, you won’t regret adding a sunroom to your home.

Hometown Restyling sign outside their office in Hiawatha, Iowa

Why You Should Work With Hometown Restyling to Help Increase Your Home’s Value 

We hope our list has helped you decide which home projects you may want to consider before putting your home on the market. Maybe it even helped bring clarity around which projects you want to tackle now so you can either enjoy the improvements yourself or use them as the wow factor to attract a buyer. No matter where you fall on the home-selling timeline, our team is here to help you or future homeowners have the best, most functional, stylish spaces within the home.

Our team of professionals has over 40 years of experience in a variety of home remodeling specialties. We are Eastern Iowa’s #1 choice for home improvement because we’re committed to giving every project dedicated time and respect. We treat every customer’s budget and home as our own. We don’t try to cut corners because our ultimate goal is to provide you with services that will hold up for a lifetime. That’s why we offer the important things that a lot of competitors won’t—a lifetime workmanship warranty and utilizing employee labor as much as possible. 

Another thing that makes working with us unique is our financing options. We know to see a return on investment, you first need to invest in a home project. We help make this easier with our financing assistance.  

Currently, we offer:

  • 60 months, no interest
  • 18 months, no payments, and no interest
  • 2.99% for 120
  • 6.99% for 84 months 

These financing options allow many clients to start or complete projects even if they don’t have the money upfront. You can get started today to see if you’re pre-approved (no paperwork necessary).

Our team loves to talk about remodeling. And, we’re also happy to answer questions you might have after reading this blog. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us. We’re a local company that believes in strong customer service. So, if you’ve been considering a new home project, whether to prepare your home for sale or to help you enjoy your current home longer, we’d love to chat! Reach out to get your free quote and to discuss all your options.