Why Choose Clubhouse Cellular PVC Decking?

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An outdoor deck is a great feature to have for a residential property. It expands the living space and helps you make the most out of your yard. However, since decks are constantly exposed to the elements, they may experience more wear and tear. You need to build the structure out of a durable material like PVC decking. There are a lot of benefits to using PVC decking material over other types like composite or wood decking. Read on to learn about some of them.

  • It Is Resistant to Mold

Wooden decking is made entirely of organic material. When the wood retains moisture because of rainy or humid weather, it creates the perfect environment for fungi to grow. The mold or rot slowly eats away at the organic wood material and eventually weakens the deck’s structure. This can also happen to composite decking since it is a combination of plastic and organic wood.

PVC decking material does not pose this problem. It is completely made of plastic, so it cannot be eaten away by mold. In some cases, where there is enough humidity and a present source of nutrients, a layer of mildew may develop on top of the PVC. But, this does not affect the material’s structure and can always be easily washed away with bleach or other cleaning agents.

  • It Is Low Maintenance

One of the best things about PVC decking is that it’s low maintenance. Decking made of organic materials like wood needs a lot of care. You need to make sure that it is properly sealed and painted. Otherwise, the wood will deteriorate quickly, especially since it is constantly exposed outdoors. PVC decking only needs an occasional wash with a cleaning agent. It does not have to be repainted to keep its appearance.

  • It Absorbs Less Heat

If you’re looking to turn your deck into a summer hangout spot for your family, then PVC decking is a great choice. Although composite decking is comparably as low-maintenance as PVC, it tends to retain more heat when exposed to the sun and can be uncomfortable to walk on or touch. However, PVC decking has a core that is less dense than standard composite decking. So, it absorbs less heat and is cooler to the touch.

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