2019 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

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Popular Bathroom Designs

So, you’ve decided to remodel your bathroom. Great! Remodeling a bathroom is a fun, creative project that is sure to add value to your home. When beginning your remodel, it’s important to do your research and take a look at what’s currently trending in bathroom design to ensure your remodel is not only appealing to you but adds as much value to your home as possible in case you choose to sell in the future.

White: A Timeless Bathroom Trend

A look that seems to never go out of style is a classic white bathroom. White gives a fresh, clean, bright look to a bathroom. Just because you choose a white bathroom doesn’t mean it will look plain or sterile. Depending on design elements, white can either evoke a spa-like serenity or a state-of-the-art, modern atmosphere. Many people opt into white subway tile or brass hardware to add a contemporary touch.

Stylish Bathroom Statements

It’s also trendy to add a statement piece or a striking design element to your bathroom. While some homeowners opt for one of these options, others opt to include a variety of these aspects into their home’s bathroom.


  • Stone as Art

Using natural elements to make your bathroom pop is very up and coming. The most common way to do this is to add a large piece of cut marble or granite as a piece of art.

  • Three-Dimensional or Graphic Tiles

Three-dimensional tiles come in organic waves as well as symmetrical patterns. They create a more luxurious look for a bathroom while adding a unique, contemporary touch. Graphic tiles on the other hand, can give your bathroom a fun, energetic vibe. Graphic tiles are great to add a punch of va-va-voom to your would-be bland bathroom.


  • Wood-look Vinyl Laminate

This laminate flooring is specifically made to look like hardwood floors and come in various colors and styles. Good-looking and highly practical, vinyl has been a popular choice for bathroom flooring for years. The most popular colors tend to consist of cool tones like light grays. Opting for laminate instead of real hard wood makes for an easier surface to clean and avoids any potential water damage that hard wood may acquire in a bathroom. Vinyl flooring is durable and stands up well to heavy foot traffic.


  • Floating/Minimalist Vanity

If you are working with a smaller bathroom, or you’re on a tight budget, these types of vanities add a chic look without making the space feel cluttered. The height of these types of vanities can also be adjusted to your preference, making your space more customizable.

  • Vintage Vanity

Dark wood vanities with intricate details and often make for great centerpieces. Whether you’re going for an old farmhouse look or a Victorian-era statement with a modern twist vintage vanities can apply to a variety of styles.

Walk-in Showers & Tub/Shower Combos

When considering a shower or tub replacement, keep this popular trend in mind.

Walk-in Showers

Walk-in showers are popular for their sophisticated look and for the ease of entering/exiting the shower as opposed to climbing over tall bathtub walls. Many people choose to remove their bathroom’s bathtub completely in order to opt into this option. Walk-in showers provide bathrooms with a modern, minimal appearance. Due to the aesthetically pleasing look of a walk-in shower, you are more likely to add value to your home. In addition there are various wall design options available that give the appearance of marble, tile granite and more!

Tub/Shower Combos

Tub/Shower combos are a trend that will never go out of style due to their cost effectiveness and multi-functionality. If you prefer a quick shower in the morning but enjoy a luxurious soak in the tub after a long day of work, you really can’t go wrong with this option. They’re also great for families for giving small children baths and they’re less slippery than walk in showers. Our bathtubs are created using extremely durable acrylic, making them as long-lasting as they are tasteful and stylish. With a variety of style and color options, finding a tub that matches your home is seamless.

Shower & Tub Colors and Designs

We offer dozens of color and design options for showers and bathtubs. Including walls that mimic a tile look without spending as much as you would on actual tile. Our new REVEAL pattern option is very popular. It features laser-engraved, realistic looking grout patterns.

Some of our wall color options include variations such as:

  • Granite
  • Slate
  • Marble
  • Almond
  • Brecchia
  • Gray and more!

Our wall patterns feature designs that mimic tile walls such as:

  • Subway
  • Hexagonal
  • Fairfield
  • Marazzi
  • Roman Block
  • Diamond
  • Windmill

Synch up with Tech Trends

Technology is everywhere nowadays. Yup, even in our bathrooms. However, many tech-centric bathroom trends really make for valuable commodities.

Built in Bluetooth Speakers

Everyone loves listening to their favorite music, or podcast, in the shower. Thanks to today’s technology this can be done by a simple push of a button by installing waterproof, Bluetooth speakers in your shower, or even installing a showerhead with a speaker built into it.

Hands-Free Taps & Toilets

Touchless taps and toilets have become fairly common in public restrooms, why not make it a reality in your home? It prevents germs from spreading and touch-free taps help you avoid water waste by leaving the faucet running for too long. Many hands-free toilets also prevent waste as they are programmed to provide the right amount of water needed at the appropriate time. Not only does this help the environment, but it saves you money!

Ready to Get Started?

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